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Cullen Skip Bag Rental

Our 5 Star Rated Skip Bag solution in Cullen is your ideal skip hire alternative for rubbish removal! Just like our cheap skip hire prices, our skip bag prices are very competitive! We supply “skip bag” disposals in addition to our normal “driver with truck” unwanted clutter clearance service. The removal and dumping of filled skip bags in Cullen. A skip bag has the capability to contain approximately one metric tonne of undesirable junk away from your home in Cullen. Not exactly sure for how long a DIY job or clean-out will take? Then a skip bag is perfect for you – a speedier, inexpensive, and more practical method for getting rid of unwanted junk from your house and garden in Cullen.

Why use Kollect?

Skip Couch

We kollect anything

No matter what your waste is, we can help you. We have a solution for all your waste needs.

Skip Tree

We are sustainable

We recognise our responsibility to create a more circular economy, diverting waste from landfill.

Skip Bag

Largest network of waste providers

Our booking platform has the largest range of suppliers in Ireland meaning no job is too big or small.

<h2>We at Kollect Guarantee a Professional Customer Service</h2> At Kollect, we take a professional approach. Skip bags are ideal for cleanings, attic room clean outs, backyard garden renovations and dealing with, Xmas clutter? Get our team to do for you with a <a title="Junk Removal Man in a Van Cullen" href="">man and van</a> or get a skip bags or hire a full <a title="Skip Delivery in Cullen" href="">skip delivery</a> and fill the skip at your convenience. In any event, Kollect has got your back. We offer you waterproof and very rugged skip bags that maintain incredible quality. Skip bags are manufactured from plastic that is extremely lightweight while still being extremely durable. They are also delivered flat-packed, which means that you can store them until you are ready to use them.

How does it work?

1. Our Partners Deliver

We will deliver a flat-packed skip bag directly to your door. We aim for next day delivery across Ireland. You can keep it as long as you like, and fill it when you want.

2. You Fill

Fold down the sides when you're filling, this will make the bag rigid and easier to fill. When you're ready, place your bag in a convenient spot for our truck. Please do not overfill your skip bag.

3. We collect

We take your skip bag away on your chosen date. If you're not ready, you can change this by logging in to your web account. We'll text you to confirm pickup and our truck will take it away.

When the skip bag is delivered, our experts will scan the area and advise you on where to place the skip bag. You also don’t have to worry about any animals tearing them up as these bags are strong. We help you place them safely, and our bags are extremely durable. If it becomes a cluttered area, we will provide expert advice and services to assist you in resolving the issue. Our job is to provide a thorough skip bag delivery and collection service.
We have the most durable and roomy skip bags available for any purpose, whether you need them to fill a small, medium, or big skip bag, or to use for multiple uses.

1 Cubic Yard

This skip bag may be our smallest, but don’t let its size fool you. Perfect for modest-sized yard cleanups, its capacity is roughly equivalent to that of two wheeled bins or ten rubbish bags.

1.7 Cubic Yards

For good reason, this is our most popular skip bag. It has the capacity of a Mini Skip or 17 rubbish bin bags, this makes it ideal for garden clearances and most room clean-outs.

4.5 Cubic Yards

The size of our big rubbish receptacle is hard to overstate. Its load size is comparable to that of a midi skip or 40 rubbish cans, making it an excellent size for larger-scale home improvement jobs or storage shed and garage cleanouts.
Our skip bags are designed to deal with the following types of waste: yard waste and domestic junk. Never place dangerous or poisonous waste in the skip bags. Asbestos, dirt, construction debris, tiles, chemicals, oil, used batteries, fluorescent tubes, paints, solvents, medical waste, gas bottles, and refrigerators are examples of forbidden waste products. It is imperative that you do not put any liquids into the bag.
Yes we offer bag removal services in Cullen. No matter what colour they are yellow, purple, or orange we’ll pick up filled bags. So if you’ve bought a skip bag from anywhere we can still collect it no problem. Contact us for a competitive quote. We are still the cheapest bag removal company in Cullen.You can see all of our collection only prices on the website. The size of the bag you want picked up will affect your fee.
We can arrange collection in the early morning or late evening when heavy traffic or parking constraints are less of an issue because of our flexible work schedules. Call us to talk about your specific area, and we’ll try our best to come up with a viable solution.
Our professionals in unwanted clutter cleanup cover the entire region of Cullen, in addition to covering the entirety of Ireland. In order to ensure that your rubbish is taken swiftly and with the least amount of fuss, we also work in towns, cities, villages, and rural locations.
It is preferable to pay with a debit card, credit card, or BACS.
Your full skip bag will be transported to a certified transfer facility where it will be separated and sorted, with the goal of recycling as much of your waste as possible.
We will drop off your skip bag right to your door after you have scheduled a delivery and collection. It should take 3 to 5 working days to deliver your bags to you.
Your bag will be picked up within 7 working days after you pay for the service.
You must leave your skip bag no more than four feet from your entrance way so that our crane lift can reach it when we collect it. We will not be able to collect your skip bags if it is located too far away from our cranes pickup area. We will be able to hoist over a hedge or a small wall as long as it is no higher than 4 ft.

Don’t take our word for it.

<h3>Cheapest Skip Bags Cullen</h3> <p>You will be sure to find the lowest skip bag prices in Cullen. Kollect is the place to go if you are looking for quality service at an affordable price. You only need to order your skip bags online and we’ll return a full overview of our plans and bundles. Are you renovating or getting rid of clutter from the attic or garden shed? Whatever your needs may be, Kollect offer a number of service alternatives. Our team guarantees professional service and the cheapest skip bag services in Cullen. Do you still have more queries? If you require any additional assistance, why not request a call from one of our Skip experts to assist you in determining the best solution for you in Cullen?</p>