5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

We all know that the horrid spring clean is coming and we all know that the only person in our lives that we know, knows how to clean and that is our mother’s. We are in the midst of another lockdown and as I have spoken about in my last blog, that we need to entertain ourselves too in turn look after our Mental state during this incredible tough times.

In this blog I will give you 10 tips given specifically by mothers to show you how they always manage to get the spring clean done right every year without fail. If we could give all of our customers the 10 best tips that will take the stress out of the cleaning. 

Here you go…

1. Don’t Keep Putting it off

We all know that the one thing about us is that we HATE cleaning or even thinking about starting a huge clean up. The one rule that we have been told to give is that you must get out in front of it, don't put it off or it will lead to it never being done, and none of us want that.

2. Give yourself a Goal for each Day

This is a way of giving yourself a reward for the hard work you're putting into the job you're doing, maybe set yourself the goal of a room a day and the best way to treat yourself might be a nice chocolate or you could even stretch to a takeaway. This is how you give yourself the motivation to get this job started and finished.

3. Imagine the End Result

Have you ever thought about what a room in your house could look like if you got it fully cleaned out, maybe you have that spare room filled with clutter and you are now working from or maybe are having a baby? This allows you to envision the way you can fully change how your home looks and feels. Give yourself the room to imagine what could happen and trust us, this will get you to the end of this clear out. 

4. Give yourself a Start point

Make sure you pick the exact area in your home that is giving you the most stress or panic or annoyance. If you can create hatred for the area to the point where you have no other feelings but to get rid of that area and fully clear it out!

5. Consistent Maintenance

The main and most important tip they have given is that you consistently maintain the standard after you finish the clean. If you give yourself 10 minutes at the end of every night to get a fast clean and run through the house. This gives you the benefit of having the house in a constant state of cleanliness

We are hoping that these tips can give you the energy to get the dreaded spring clean done and maybe to give yourself a little bit of satisfaction when you're in the midst of it and the happiness of its end.