How to Order a Skip in Dublin and get 5 Star Treatment

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

How to Order a Skip in Dublin and get 5 Star Treatment

How to Order a Skip in Dublin and get 5 Star Treatment

It is said that the only obstacle to realising your dreams is a lack of ambition. That may be true in some cases but if your ambition is to have the perfect garden, or the perfect office, or a perfect space of any kind, one of you biggest obstacles will be getting rid of the old to replace it with the new.

There are many people searching for skips in Dublin right now, simply because so many people are taking advantage of the good weather to do those jobs that were previously put on the long finger. There was once a time when, if you wanted to hire a skip, you’d have to ring a number of suppliers in your area in the hope that a skip would be available at a time that suited you. Remember, there was also a time when if you needed to order food, you’d have to drive down to the restaurant, or if you wanted a taxi you’d have to wait in a long queue or ring a local company who only have three cars available!

Thankfully, we now live in a time of instant service. Want a takeaway? Go on to a Booking Engine such as Just Eat or Deliveroo and you can have your choice of restaurants. Looking for a taxi? Free Now or Uber can hook you up with a driver near you in no time at all. Thankfully, such a service now exists when you want to get rid of waste - big or small - and that service is the experts in skip hireskip bags and junk removals.

What makes Kollect so special, aside from the fact that they have waste removal partners all over Ireland that they can match with your job, is the fact that the customer service is the best in the business.

When Kollect began, as a start up all those years ago, there were inevitable changes and improvements as the market changed. However, one thing never changed and that was the obsessive desire for customer satisfaction. If you look on any review site, such as Google, Facebook or Trustpilot, you will see thousands of five star reviews for Kollect. There are over 1000 on Trustpilot alone and it won’t be long before the team hits 2000.This is the type of service that you need when you’re booking an essential service like waste collection.

If you need the job done well, you have to use Kollect, where the customer service and efficiency is guaranteed.