Posted by John O Connor on 16th Oct 2017

Kollect and Conquer Customer Service Done Right

Ahh let us reminisce for a moment and consider that ageless nugget of business wisdom: The customer is always right. Feel enlightened? Me neither. Think modern business and chances are you're more likely to conjure an image of slick office spaces than a human face. Likewise, modern customer service will usually stir memories of listening to a semi-conscious call-centre agent reciting a tired script. Well if you feel that “your call is important to us really doesn't cut it, rest assured because at Kollect, we wholeheartedly agree.Putting the customer first might be a common pledge in boardrooms but what does it actually mean? In other companies the answer may depend on which employee you ask and that's okfor them. However, Kollect doesn't do mediocre and our entire company is focused on surprising customers with the brilliance of Kollect service. Whether it's going out of our way to take that bin you forgot to put out or even the simple step of treating each customer like the human being that they are, Kollect is doggedly pushing the boundaries of what customers can expect from their waste disposal company.So what's the secret? Are we really on a quest to rule the waste disposal world one positive customer experience at a time? Well, kind of but you won't find villainous laughter in our offices. Instead, you'll find the core values and honest, helpful people that make them a reality. If there is a secret it is that there are no secrets. Transparency, integrity and innovationthe unique recipe for our unique success.The proof is in the pudding and at the Kollect that pudding is sweeter than ever. Take a minute to peruse our customer feedback and see for yourself what being part of the Kollective really means.