Posted by KollectIE Admin on 25th May 2020

Kollect It Forward

Kollect It Forward

A Letter From Kollect CEO, John O'Connor:

It’s hard to believe that we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s almost surreal, like something out of a Hollywood film. We’ve been forced to separate from our loved ones and close the door on the things that we love so much, such as socialising, going on holidays…or just giving someone a hug or a handshake.

We’ve had to temporarily halt our way of life so that we can protect our most vulnerable and loved ones. Because of this, many businesses are going to pay the price. Our economy will take a battering, and it could take a long time to recover. The thoughts of a looming recession puts fear into many small businesses everywhere. However just as we have suffered through this pandemic together, we now must rebuild together.

Here at Kollect, we’ve been thinking of ways in which we can help…even if it’s just a small token. Local businesses in Waterford have always been good to us and we want to give something back, now more than ever. We’ve received huge amounts of support from friends, family and the local community, and it means a lot to our company. We’re so grateful.

That’s why we’ve come up with our initiative Kollect it Forward”.

We’re going to ask 28 of our staff members to pick a local business that they particularly enjoy or appreciate, and we’ll buy a €50 voucher for that business.

That’s 28 staff members, 28 businesses, 28 days, 28 vouchers and 28 little ways for us to say thanks for being there. If you’re a business owner, feel free to promote yourself to us too- either send an email or private message through social media and we can put your name in the hat.

Times are tough for the public too, so to say thanks to everyone of you - for hanging in there - we’re going to give away all of these vouchers. All you have to do is to like or share the post on a daily basis to be in for a chance of winning the voucher.

In these times, we all have to do our bit - no matter how small it may seem - to get Waterford back on its feet, our amazing little county.

Thank you so much for your more than ever. We are all in this together.

John O'Connor

Kollect CEO

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