Kollect’s guide to reusing household items

Posted by Claire Jennings on 12th Nov 2020

Kollect’s guide to reusing household items

Kollect’s guide to reusing household items

Kollect’s guide to reusing household items

Have you been going through lots of household rubbish throughout lockdown number 2? We want to give you the tools to be able to not only combat the amount of household rubbish we go through but also be able to give you the ability to reuse some of your household items.

We want everyone in Ireland to have the ability to tackle their own household rubbish because if we all work together we can create a more environmentally friendly culture throughout Ireland, We want to be able to give future generations the best chance to improve on the world that we have left and not give them no choice in how they live.

Here are some common household items that we can all reuse to improve our carbon footprint.

Glass Jars or Cans

These are some of the most easily recyclable items on the planet but everytime why not cut down on the amount of waste your household that we are creating by reusing these common items? Glass jars and old coffee canisters make great containers for bulk pantry items, desk organizers or bathroom containers. And there are a million ways to reuse mason jars beyond food canning.

Large Milk Cartons, Takeaway containers or Fizzy Drinks bottle

These are all very common household items that will be found throughout the country in every home. We can reuse these items to help reduce the constant impact recycling these items has on our own individual carbon footprint. Food containers can be reused to store your food or for meal planning, How about making reusable self watering seed pots or a cell charging station out of a shampoo bottle?

Clothes & Bedding

Do you find yourself throwing out lots of old clothes or is it that you just seem to not wear these items anymore? If that is the case there are many options that you can choose to go with to enable the reduction of waste caused by throwing them out whilst also helping other individuals along the way, there are many charity shops that donate old clothes to homeless shelters or underprivileged children throughout Ireland, those stores along with second hand stores will enable your clothes to be reused and may also give you the warmth of knowing that you have helped someone.

Plastic Bags

When the box of cereal is empty, save the inner bag, wash, dry and cut to wrap sandwiches. Plastic bags can be used as pet waste bags, or trash bins, or you can reuse them at the grocery store. Better yet, upcycle those plastic bags into nice-looking, sturdy reusable grocery totes!

Old Furniture

Refinish or repair rather than tossing old furniture. Re-purpose broken furniture or disassemble and reuse the wood. Hang drawers on the wall to create shelves, shadow boxes or bulletin boards.

With just a little ingenuity, you can cut down on your ecological footprint, save your pennies and re-purpose your trash! What clever home items can you think of to recycle and reuse?

These are just some of the little ways that we can improve our carbon footprint by reuse household items, are there any items that you have transformed from waste into wonder?!