Make space!

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

Make space!

At the end of 2021, Kollect underwent a rebrand, retouch and re-jig. We were preparing for the latest phase of our growth plan, which would bring our online, on-demand, ethical, waste removal tech platform to everyone in Ireland.

In short, we want everyone in Ireland to think of Kollect, when they think of waste, in the same way that many people think of Just-Eat, when they think about a takeaway.

The bottomline is that in 2022, it's never been easier to order a pizza, book a taxi and book ANY kind of waste service to remove absolutely ANY kind of waste. We are on a mission to remove junk, rubbish and waste from people's lives because we fundamentally believe that a build up of physical junk can lead to a build up of mental junk.

This is why, in a New Year, it's so important to make a space for YOU! Think of a room in your house or a space in your garden that is currently clogged with junk. You mightn't realise it, but this junk is also filling your mind, preventing you from reaching the level of contentment that you desire.

Through our approved, licensed and vetted suppliers, we have reclaimed so much space already for our customers in 2022. Spare rooms have become offices, sheds and garages have been stripped of their waste and are ready for a productive year ahead.

With Kollect, it's as simple as 'clutter gone in a click'. Our 5-star customer service team will find out exactly what your waste needs are and, like the great match-makers that they are, will link you up with one of our experienced suppliers. The process is effortless but the results are incredible.

So, in 2022, you'll hopefully be seeing a lot more of Kollect, and a lot less of the waste that clogs up our lives!