National Spring Cleaning Month March 2018

Posted by KollectIE Admin on 5th Mar 2018

National Spring Cleaning Month March 2018

National Spring Cleaning traditionally runs annually throughout the month of March. National Spring Clean is run by An Taisce. It's an initiative that promotes public awareness and participation in local litter clean-ups and awareness actions to improve the local environment. Here at Kollect, we fully encourage recycling and improving the local environment. If you would like to take part in this initiative, you can register here.

National Spring Cleaning Week at home

While it is vital to respect and improve your local environment, we also think it is important to think of the environment in which you live as the same. Many of us wish we could spring clean our homes and now is the perfect time to bring a little more light into your house by joining National Spring Cleaning Week. Our man with a van junk removal service will be your savior once you get the spring cleaning bug. Not only do we take almost any junk, we do all the work so all you have to do is point and we will take it away in the van. There's no need to have the hassle of booking a skip or getting a skip permit. Simply pick a date that suits you and we look after the rest. In most cases junk removal works out cheaper than skip hire. We ensure that all possible waste gets recycled, and we fully guarantee responsible disposal.

Why you should Spring Clean your home

Changing the layout of your bedroom or your living room, or both, once spring comes around can give you a surge of revitalization for the year ahead. The mind tends to fall into a routine after a long period of time, and creating this change can truly reawaken you. Moving furniture around could ensure that sunlight and air have much easier access inside your home. Stress and anxiety is much easier to release when you arrive home and there are no cardboard boxes of junk lying around, or broken furniture or appliances that you wish you could just disappear. Coming back to a clear and tidy home encourages your mind to stay organised; charging you with energy.

Reclaim your space

We ask you to take a minute and visualize a space in your home that you don't particular like, whether outside or inside, a space that you avoid because of all the clutter and then visualize that exact same space clean and uncluttered, how does it make you feel? Does it make you think of the things you could actually use this space for instead of being occupied by useless junk, if so then you know you need to reclaim this space for not just peace of mind, but for using this space for what you intended it for.

For example, we had one customer reclaim back her garden after she let this space build up with useless broken junk and overtime it just seemed like such a huge chore to tackle that she chose to ignore it. However when she heard about our junk removal service - she booked our man with a van to come and take away all the junk once and for all. She was so impressed she contacted us afterwards to say how she wishes she hadn't put it off as long as she did, and went on to explain how she has big plans on using her garden again and putting it to good use. A job well done in our eyes.

So, if you ever needed a little push in the right direction to finally tackle the junk you are avoiding - the national spring cleaning week will finally give you the opportunity to get rid of all that unwanted junk once and for all. For that is what brings solace and liberation: the big sigh of relief once you're finished.Give us a call on 051-364495 and we'll provide you with a great value, no obligation, up front, all-inclusive price.