Never waste an opportunity

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

Never waste an opportunity

The waste industry is one of perpetual motion - everyone generates waste and everyone needs waste collected as often as possible.

Before Kollect, getting your rubbish/junk collected wasn’t a straight forward task. Some operators offered skips, while others provided bins. It wasn’t a one size fits all operation and sometimes you could end up using between 2-3 different providers, each arriving at different times and each invoicing different amounts. If you were doing this on a regular basis, the headache would soon become unbearable.

Kollect’s mission from day one was to make it easy to book any waste service online. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, whatever junk/rubbish/waste you need rid of, Kollect provides the service at the click of your fingertips.

Once upon a time, the waste industry was a big pie with many companies sharing many slices. By creating a powerful online platform that utilises a number of different 3rd party waste providers, Kollect has become a one-stop-shop waste service that commands the largest slice of the pie.

For commercial customers, Kollect streamlined the whole process with a powerful front-end and back-end platform and commercial app that’s supported by an incredibly dedicated customer service and high tech team. Whatever the job, you’ll be amazed at how effortless it can become with Kollect. We offer skips of various sizes, skip bags, junk removal teams (who do all the work for you) and a centralised booking and invoicing system. Kollect also offers monthly reporting metrics and company statistics so companies can keep track of all their waste requirements.

The waste industry is being revolutionised, and Kollect is at the heart of it.