Posted by KollectIE Admin on 4th Nov 2019

Skip Hire VS Junk Removal: What Is Best For Your Business

We are often asked the question - what is the difference between Skip Hire and Junk Removal?

Our answer? Both have features to fit your unique needs. What may suit one customer may not suit another, which is why at Kollect we find a solution to all of our customers needs as best we can.

Both Skip Hire and Junk Removal have the same end goal - to remove the customers waste in a tidy and responsible manor, but let's dive into the main differences between Skip Hire and Junk Removal:

skip hire vs junk removal

For commercial purposes, there are many benefits to both of our services.

For instance, when you are doing an office clear out, do you want to be able to sort the junk and fill the skip yourself, or just point at what you want gone and watch our rubbish removal specialists take it away?

Or perhaps you are emptying out an old container, do you want to rummage through all the rubbish yourself, or have our qualified rubbish removal specialists take it all away in one go?

Whatever the situation, Kollect has a service that fits all of our customers needs. To find out how we can help with that annual office clear out, tidy up and waste removal needs, click here