Waste removal CAN be sexy!

Posted by Thomas Power on 2nd Feb 2023

Waste removal CAN be sexy!

Kollect has done to waste removal what Deliveroo and Just Eat have done for restaurants, and Uber has done for Taxis - we’ve made it accessible to more people in a faster and more efficient way.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to clear out your back garden to make way for a sexy make over, you’d have to trawl the internet or the phone book for a number of services that help get rid of the old to make way for the new. If you’re looking for a skip in your area, you will have to compare prices, availability and most importantly - performance reviews.

And sometimes, a skip may not be what you need. Maybe you don’t have time to empty a shed or the contents of your back garden by yourself. Maybe you’re just not able to clear up all the rubbish and throw it into a skip. In this case, you need a van to go in and take out all the junk for you!

Kollect is Ireland’s Waste Booking Engine. You may not need us as much as you need a taxi or a pizza but as soon as you do, we can provide it just as easily. Our 5-star customer service team (well over 1000 five star reviews on Trust Pilot) will find out everything they can about your waste needs and then recommend the service that best suits you. They will then act as if the job is for their dear old grandmother and personally make sure that everything is handled perfectly from beginning to end. They really care that much!

So, the waste part of the job may not be sexy but when it’s gone and you create your garden masterpiece…well, that’s almost better than sex!