Why Waterford Rocks!

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

Why Waterford Rocks!

Why Waterford Rocks!

We’re often asked “can Kollect reach its growth potential from Waterford”.

It’s a question we love to answer because the answer is a resounding YES.

When Kollect launched it's waste disposal company in 2015, Waterford was already in the midst of a technology boom. It has acollege - Waterford Institute of Technology, which is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation as well as having its own designated technology building with 100+ researchers working at the college campus. It is expected that WIT will lead up a brand new University of the South East in 2022 with millions of euros in extra funding and facilities. The future of education in the South East of Ireland is bright and the pool of tech talent is growing larger by the day.

In recent months, the Government of Ireland has backed a vision by Waterford City & County Council to make some significant developments in the City Centre (creating a smart living city) and the North Quays (massive office, retail and tech development) - the future is looking prosperous!

Just as important as industry and tech talent, Waterford is rich in beauty and culture. There are beaches all around us as well as mountains, forests, and a stunning Greenway that stretches from Waterford to Dungarvan and will soon go all the way to New Ross and then Rosslare meaning that people from the UK will, in the next few years, be able to cycle to Waterford and share some of the stunning amenities that we get to enjoy on a daily basis. Our future happiness is almost guaranteed by our surroundings!

Waterford rocks because it has the talent, resources and the amenities that allow us all to work, rest and play in the county that was recently named “Ireland’s most liveable county” by the IrelandLiveability Index (source: https://www.bluejayliveability.com/overall-ranking-county/)