Pay as you go bin collection - You decide bin day!

Say hello to pay as you go bin collection and goodbye to contracts!  You decide bin day!

Tired of being tied down by complicated bin collection contracts where you have no say in how or when your waste will be collected? With Kollect we give you back control over your bin collection, so you get to decide bin day!

Bin collection as it should be

Here at Kollect we believe that each customer is unique with their own waste collection needs, that's why our goal is to offer the customer choice and control over their waste collection service. Why should you have pay a fixed rate for your bin collection when you might not have the same amount of waste as a larger household? We give you the option of choosing how many and what type of bins you want to have collected, when you need to have them collected. Every customer is unique so we believe there shouldn't be a one size fits all waste collection service. Kollect is about tailoring the service we provide to your needs.

Book your bin collection online

Arranging your bin collection has never been easier, all you have to do is register on our website and select what bins you want to have picked up. Our online booking service allows for fast, easy and affordable bin collection at your fingertips, this seamless booking process allows you to save time. Payment through our website is secure and you get a history of all your transactions. You can also manage your account and change any of your details. By switching to Kollect you will save yourself time, money and hassle, while you take back control of your waste. You decide bin day -  Sign up today.

Waste collection professionals

Your bin collection will be handled by experience licensed contractors who will pick up your bins in a timely and professional manner and are dispatched on behalf of Kollect. We have a number of contractors in our service in each area to ensure that all routes and areas are covered. Once your waste is collected our contractors will dispose of it with the utmost of care and strictly follows all waste disposable guidelines.