Customer Feedback on our Refuse Bin Collection

Customer Feedback on our Refuse Bin Collection

 Here at Kollect we are the industry pioneers in the pay as you go bin collection. Since launching in Waterford late last year recently celebrated its 2,000th customer. With there are no contracts or annual fees for our refuse bin collection. Waterford Founder, John who lives in Ardkeen explains where the idea stems from:

"Myself and my wife don't produce very much waste and I couldn't stand paying the same for bin collection as my neighbours who had a family of 5. I also hated paying direct debits. I felt I was being hard done by but there was no real alternative for me, so myself and my Co-Founders created to fill this gap. We are laser focused on small households and those on a budget who only want to pay when they need their bins collected.

Now all customers have to do is phone or book online when they want their bins collected as opposed to other refuse bin collection companies that require contracts.We offer our customers exceptional value. Along with being affordable our aim is to provide all of our customers with exceptional service. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers. We are constantly working on improving our service. We believe that communicating with our customers is the key to our success. We like to be as interactive as we possibly can with them and get to know them. We post and share items daily allowing our customers to comment and give feedback on our service. We like to have a personal connection with our customers. We strongly believe that “the customer knows best and are delighted when they give us suggestions and feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

We are always at hand to give our customers whatever help they may need. As we said earlier we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. Respecting our customers and our customers' views is another thing we like to pride ourselves on.

We like to give our customers the opportunity to share their experience of using Kollect for their refuse bin collection and we encourage them to post on our Facebook page, email and phone us letting us know what they thought of using our service so that  we can continually improve it.Finally our staff here at Kollect are more than happy to help you with any queries you may have. So why not contact us today?