On-demand Bin Collection for Extra Rubbish at Christmas

On-demand Bin Collection for Extra Rubbish at Christmas

During Christmas time is a given that everyone produces extra rubbish at Christmas, from mounds of wrapping paper to the last few mince pies nobody could finish. With limited bin collection it never takes long to fill the bins and standing on them no longer makes any more room, so how do you get rid of all this extra rubbish? Well, we finally have the solution for you: Kollect's On-Demand bin collection service.


Welcome to Kollect, the innovative on-demand bin collection pay-as-you-use service, currently operating in Waterford and South Kilkenny with other cities coming early 2016. We are the only company that allows customer to get their bins collected when they need to, and not when they're told. With Kollect there are no annual fees, no contracts and no designated collection days. So if you are like the 43% of Irish people who continuously forget about their bin collection then this is the on-demand solution for you.

We understand that many people are becoming even more frustrated with the waste industry here in Ireland; it is the only industry that does not offer customers a choice or convenience. Waste collection companies are constantly shoehorning people into a one-size fits all solution in terms of both price and service. We are here to change that as we recognise people have different needs.

A survey recently conducted by Kollect showed that 44% of Irish people only need to have their bin collected once every three weeks or more. That means that these people are paying the same price to have their waste collected on a weekly/bi-weekly basis as large households that produce vast amounts of waste on a weekly basis. We recognise that this is flawed and are offering a choice back to the consumer.

Kollect offers convenience to every consumer but its real value-saving element favours those on a smaller budget, small households, singles, couples, students, empty nesters, pensioners and those who simply do not produce a lot of rubbish. These customers can finally pay for their waste when they need it collected, not when the next collection day is. Every customer will find convenience in once off collections during the year when you produce excess rubbish, especially during the festive season where extra rubbish at Christmas is found in every household.

We are an extremely easy to use on-demand bin collection service. All you have to do is go online to our website www.kollect.ie and from there you can decide which bin you wish to have collected (recycling, general or food) and we will tell you by text and email when the next licenced waste contractor is passing your home, and will pick up your bins.

So if your unsure of what to do with your extra rubbish at Christmas, don't worry, log onto Kollect and take back control of your waste, it couldn't be easier!

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