Finding the way and Creating possibilities for On-Demand Bin Collection

Finding the way and Creating possibilities for On-Demand Bin Collection

Kollect is quite literally an innovative startup for On-Demand Bin Collection. Customers can schedule on-demand pickups for their bins and skips through a proprietary technology, much less a phenomenon, oft-known as the On Demand Economy. The On-Demand Economy is defined as the economic activity created by technology companies that fulfil consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services' is how Mike Jaconi, Co-founder of Button puts it.

Most people don't know much about Rubbish aside from the fact that it's something they set outside once or twice a week. Or maybe that it's the sort of business venture that Tony Soprano would enjoy! In the past, big rubbish has been dominated by two/three big firms in Waterford and Cork.

Kollect has created its own niche in the waste industry by focusing on small households and it is attempting to disrupt the industry via the Uber model. Kollect  initially created an On-Demand Bin Collection, like Uber, the On-Demand Taxi platform, but instead of moving people, we move waste. Kollect matches independent local bin companies with customers, and lets them schedule on-demand pickups for their bins through a proprietary technology.It sure isn't glamorous, but it's not exactly a crowded market, and Kollect has sights set on solving problems around choice and price.

Where The Idea Stems From

Waterford Founder, John O Connor, is a serial entrepreneur who has had a number of previous start ups including BIGbin which is Irelands largest waste drop business located on petrol forecourts throughout Ireland. "Myself and my wife don't produce very much waste and I couldn't stand paying the same for bin collection as my neighbours who had a family of 5. I also hated paying direct debits. I felt I was being hard done by but there was no real alternative for me, so myself and my Co-Founders created to fill this gap. The other founders John Hegarty and Robbie Skuse, were partners with John in a previous technology start up"Kollect are laser focused on small households and those on a budget who only want to pay when they need their bins collected, creating the possibility for On-Demand Bin Collection. Now all customers have to do is phone or book online when they want their bins collected. Cork Founder Robbie Skuse, explains "People down here also seem to have a real urge to support local, and because of the fact we're based in Waterford, they really get behind us."

Crowned Ireland's Most Innovative Start Up were crowned Ireland's most innovative start up at the recent Bank of Ireland startup awards which took place at Dublin's Royal Hibernian gallery. The BOI start-up awards are all about recognising young, exciting, entrepreneurial Irish companies who are excelling in their industries.The judges included Gavin Duffy, a Dragon from the hit show Dragons Den, who himself is a serial entrepreneur. After having initially being shortlisted from hundreds of entrants, Kollect were delighted to have come out on top, receiving the award and the supports that come with it. Accepting the award on the night, on behalf of Kollect was two of the founders, John O Conor and Robbie Skuse.

How On-Demand Bin Collection Works

When a customer books a collection with Kollect, we simply find the next bin truck passing their home and send them the job, creating the possibility of On-Demand Bin Collection.Customers pay €12 for general waste bins, €6 for recycling and €10 for the organic bin. There is no contracts needed and customers can use their own bins as most people have their own bins in the form of city council ones issued in the past. If you don't you can also buy bins on our website.Customers log onto the site and enter their address followed by the type of bins they want collected, it's very intuitive and easy to use. We match this information to the next licensed waste contractor passing their home. It's that easy!

We can also cater to people who are not able to use the internet so we are now have our own dedicated customer service department that take bookings over the phone. You can call us on 051-364495 or 021- 2428873 and we will be happy to help you. Customers simply pay when they want their bin collected.

A liberation for certain customers, Kollect is ideal for smaller households who don't generate enough rubbish to justify paying monthly fees. These households are paying for something they cannot avail of fully. Under contract terms, they are putting out half empty bins yet are paying the same as a family of 6. 

Kollect mainly target people who only need to put their bin out for collection every three weeks or more. This segment of the market currently pay annual fees for their bin to be collected once a week even though their bin is usually only half full or not left out at all. Kollect can save this market up to 40% annually on their waste bill. Their target market includes:

  • Small households/People who live alone
  • People on waiver schemes
  • People with excess waste after a holiday period, party
  • Those who generate a small amount of waste. People putting out half empty bins and paying the same as others
  • Those who use recycling facilities like bottle-banks
  • People in short term accommodation

Our Core Values

Our company mission is to create simple, convenient and efficient ways to collect and recycle waste, innovating in customer service and creating customer delight. We strive for the following:
  1. Exceed Expectations: Deliver Wow Through Customer Service
  2. Be You: Authentic, Positive, with a Can-Do Attitude
  3. Honest: Be Straight Up, Always do right by our Customers
  4. Responsive: Be Prompt, Always Keeping Customers in the Loop

We Don't Stop There

We don't just offer On-Demand Bin Collection, we are now a booking engine with three verticals. We have a national network of trusted independent waste contractors for Junk removal, Bin Collection and Skip Hire.

So if you are looking for an alternative to your waste collection service and if you would prefer to manage your own waste collection, with no hassle or fuss, then sign up with Kollect, the high potential start-up. For further information on our company and the services we provide please check out our website