The Future of Waste Management: Pay as you go bin collection

The Future of Waste Management: Pay as you go bin collection

Eliminating Waste Management Contracts

Kollect is a brand new innovative waste management solution that lets you take back control over your bin collections. When it comes to household waste collection the majority of customers are forced to pay yearly contracts that are dictated by their waste management providers. These contracts are set out in a way that the customer is required to follow a collection schedule that puts then in awkward position of having to remember what bins they need to put out on a specific day. This can lead to collection days being missed and time when the customer is left with an excess of waste which they have no way of getting rid of until the next collection date. The contracts that these waste management companies provide follow a one size fits all model where all their customers pay a fixed annual rate regardless of how much waste they get picked up, this might make sense for bigger household but it doesn't make sense why smaller households who generate a much smaller amount of waste should have to pay the same amount. The services provided by waste management companies doesn't offer customers a choice of a solution that fits them.

Kollect's Waste Management Solution

Here at Kollect we offer you a solution to suit your waste collection needs. We don't believe in contracts or annual fees the only thing we believe in is putting the control back into our customers hands. We provide an on-demand waste collection service that lets you, the customer, decide when and how many bins you would like to have collected. This can vary from week to week, and you only need to use the service as you see fit.

How Kollect Works

Booking your waste collection with Kollect is an extremely simple process, all you have to log onto, enter your details and select what type of bins and how may you would like to have picked up. This whole process can be completed in 60 seconds saving you time and hassle. One you have selected your bins paying is as simple as entering you credit card details through our secure payment system, upon complication of payment you can review you statements. We will then send you a reminder via text message the night before your collection.