Kollect Savings January's Sensible Sale

Kollect Savings January's Sensible Sale New Year New Annual Bin Collection Package! Has a good ring to it, right? Well, maybe not. But Kollect's new offer can make a difference to your household's bottom line and in January that's something we all can get behind. The New Year is the ideal time for a fresh start and with that in mind Kollect has developed a fantastic new plan perfect for those looking to reduce their outgoings for the long year ahead. Customers who switch to Kollect will get two-months of free collections, two free flexi collections and free binsnot to mention direct access to Kollect's unique commitment to great customer experiences.There must be a catch I hear you think, well there's not. Kollect offer simple and effective solutions that never leave the customer feeling short-changed. The price is just €25 per month and the contract length is two years. During which time the customer will receive weekly bin collections and get two months completely free. They will also receive two free flexi collectionsmeaning at times of greater household waste like Christmas or after parties, they can schedule two extra collections to suit their needs.  That's it.  No strings, no hidden fees and no trickery. Just effective waste solutions at a fair price.

A Fresh Start in January

It feels good to enter January with a fresh approach. While Kollect's new annual package won't keep your hands out of the biscuit tin or remind you to spend more quality time with your kids, it will save you money and give you one less expense to worry about. Granting you that little bit of extra time that could make all the difference. Whether it's a great deal you're after or you like the idea of a company whose presence isn't limited to your bank statement, switching to Kollect's new annual package is the perfect way to begin the New Year.If you are interested in joining our Kolletive simply give us a call on 051-364495 and we'll be happy to discuss your waste management needs. Or if you require further information about this offer, please see here.