Kollect: Building Foundations to a cleaner world

Kollect: Building Foundations to a cleaner world

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Kollect in 2022.


Last year, while Kollect and every other business and person were dealing with the covid pandemic, we were planning, and building.


Some key hires within the company strengthened key areas such as technology, marketing, customer service, operations and business development. Our goal has always been to be earth's market-leading and most trusted waste platform and in order to do that, we need to build the strongest foundation possible.


Kollect’s headquarters is in Waterford, in the South East of Ireland - voted the best place to live in Ireland in 2021. It has been an amazing incubator for us, and allowed us to become the most trusted online waste platform in Ireland. From Waterford, we are spreading our wings through every country of Ireland in 2022 - so expect to see and hear our brand everywhere from billboards, to the sides of busses, taxis and on TV and Radio. From Waterford, we spread throughout Ireland. From Ireland, we spread throughout the world. Our ultimate goal is to make the collection of waste safe and secure and help create the largest circular economy ecosystem. 


We want people all over the world to love their space again.