Kollect: How we dealt with Covid-19

Kollect: How we dealt with Covid-19

Kollect: How we dealt with Covid-19

Everyone has dealt with the very strange year of 2020, but everyone and every company has dealt with things in their own way. We have all had this year to look over our previous behaviours and this has given all of us in Kollect the ability to try and polish both our online and operation infrastructure. Here is some of the things that we implemented throughout the course of Covid-19 to enable us as a company to grow even during these very unprecedented times.

  1. We invested in ourselves

Kollect is a place where we always are on the lookout for ways to improve the company, we have always put ourselves out there to create new and innovative concepts and ideas whilst still at all times keeping our Customer Service Team at the forefront of business. We always want to improve all departments within our company, that is why we have been on the lookout for new employees constantly throughout Covid-19. We have hired staff throughout this pandemic and that is so that when we need to resolve an issue for a customer or you want to have your call answered in 5 seconds, that we have kind and welcoming people to talk to you. We have also brought in sales staff as the growing demands on Skips & Junk Removal have grown since our First Lockdown in March. Investing in yourself is vital and all of us here at Kollect are fully committed to pushing the business forward through these tough times. 

  1. Creative Campaigns

A huge part of how Kollect operates is coming up with innovative and creative campaigns throughout the year that will give our customers opportunities to win prizes or have their interest peaked or even just a quick laugh through our socials. We are always looking to be both creative and informative. During Lockdown 1, we had our UpCycle Challenege where we tried to get huge amounts of people to Upcycle items around their house rather than throwing it out and now in Lockdown 2, we have Random Act Of Kindness Month! This is a month fully devoted to making as many people throughout Ireland happy as possible. We have wanted to be able to give back to people before the Christmas rush and that's how we decided to do it. We are hopeful that it can bring a smile to your face throughout the month of November and lift your spirits before the holiday season. 

  1. Our Customers

Yes, we could talk for pages about how fantastic we are here at Kollect and trust me we are fantastic (Joking) but the reality of all of this is that we would not be able to maintain the amount of employees or the amount of work we provided without our customers. You may have been with us from day one for Pay-As-You-Go bin Collection or maybe you have only recently heard of us but we really do appreciate every single customer, If you are a long term customer or just a one off customer for Skips, Skip bags or Junk we just want to let you know that we are grateful for every customer that has passed through Kollect. 

We have grown during 2020 which is something a lot of companies cant say and if we are honest, we must give our customers huge credit in being there and standing by us through thsi devastating year for some business. Kollect thanks you and we look forward to growing again in 2021 with all of you.