Kollect launch in Dungarvan offering PrePay Bin Collection

Kollect launch in Dungarvan offering PrePay Bin Collection

Kollect is launching prepay Bin Collection in Dungarvan, and its changing bin collection for the better. Rubbish Removal Company Kollect is Ireland's newest waste management superstar! We provide low cost, pay-as-you-go bin collection service, offering a perfect waste solution to smaller households, students, singles, couples and anyone who simply doesn't produce a lot of rubbish. We also have various build your own bin collection packages if you have a bigger household.

Personally we are fed up of seeing people being shoehorned into a one size fits all solution, and want to give the power back you, the customer. We don't believe that people in small households should be paying the same fees as a large households for their rubbish removal, or in fact should be paying fees at all, so we've eliminated them altogether.

PrePay Bin Collection and how it works

Kollect will launch in Dungarvan in the coming weeks and due to the huge demand, we already have a lot of households on the waiting list to use our prepay bin collection service.

Kollect is the cheapest Rubbish Removal Company in Waterford for small households, as we don't charge annual or quarterly fees, and we don't have any contracts. It's a simple pay-per-use solution to that differentiates us from the others. With Kollect, smaller households have the ability to save up to 40% annually by only paying for their waste collection when they actually need their bins collected and not when they're told.

We had a look at some of the competition out there in Waterford for Rubbish Removal, and our findings were that on average consumers were forced to pay an average of €160 in annual fees, regardless of how much rubbish needs to be removed. Our customers don't need to pay fees, while having the addition of choice, flexibility, convenience and control over your own bin collection. We strongly believe in giving the customers back control.

We believe that we are the best Rubbish Removal Waterford Company, as we listen to you! We set up this Rubbish Removal Company to service you; we want you to have control. PrePay power!We believe that customer service should be at the centre of every industry and we have a mission to make this the case with your rubbish removal. Kollect allows you decide what you want, when you want it and we will continue to do so long into the future...If you don't believe us, just check some of our reviews below taken from our Facebook page.

Danielle “ 5 Stars “ “I love this service; user friendly, customer focused, very reliable and easy to afford. Will only be using Kollect from now on. Thanks all!
Alex “ 5 Stars “ “Great idea. Excellent company. Friendly staff. Top marks.
Louise “ 5 Starts “ “Great service ordered and payed on line and next day bins were collected