Kollective Effort

Kollective Effort

My name is Niall and I have just joined the Kollect team, where I am working with the digital marketing team. I will be looking after Kollect's social media accounts and online presence, I am currently on work placement from the Waterford Institute of Technology. I have spent my first few weeks in the customer service office, which has given me an insight into the structure of the team.


I have personally gone through all the reviews that have been posted on both Facebook and Google+ My Business and replied to each individually, this has allowed me to get a feel for the relationships between customers and company. I will continue to reply to all of our customers comments and reviews. When you're always aiming for the highest, it just so happens you get recognised every now and then. And by that I mean on Facebook and Google my Business. We currently have hundreds of positive reviews left by happy customers


The Customer Service Team

I have noticed from my short time that the companies number one priority is to create a great customer service, this is where the credit must go to the customer service team. We have a great team in the office Tara who constantly replies to customers to resolve issues quickly, Erica is the skip operations that controls skip deliveries & collection, Megan is our customer service operator for Cork, Chantelle is constantly available for any customer to book in bins for collection, and Kieran is our online support that replies within minutes , they always go the extra mile for customers to ensure a satisfactory service.


I have witnessed first hand the amount of hard work that is done by our customer service team, they have always and will continue to go above and beyond for all customers, the team offers some outstanding service when it comes to issues resolution. The customer service team has a great atmosphere which translate into their attitude when conversing with customers, customers can feel the bigheartedness of our team which leads to a satisfactory outcome for the customer.

Our Motto's

One of the main things I have observed with the team is that they continuously keep the customer in the loop of how the problem can be resolved, it is one of the motto's of Kollect that “ we always try to do right by our customers. Keeping our customers in the loop allows us to maintain a good relationship through the honesty of the customer service team when any issues arise with customers.


Here at Kollect we will continue to build and maintain our relationships with our customers through the fantastic customer service, The main goal of Kollect customer service team is to provide a human response which allows the team to connect with the customers which makes it easier to solve issues, I have seen first hand how much effort our team goes through to provide the best possible outcome. Kollect is a growing company but customers are our most important asset which we believe we must do right by.