Teaching Our Kids How to Recycle

Teaching Our Kids How to Recycle

Teaching Our Kids How to Recycle

This is a valuable lesson that we should pass onto the next generation, this is essential for ourselves to be able to give our kids the opportunity to learn how to protect the planet! 
We have looked into the impact that recycling has on the environment and we have identified simple ways to teach our children how to recycle. It is important that we encourage the future proofing of our environment. 
The EU-set target for Ireland is to recycle at least 50% of our household waste by 2020. The latest figures, from 2016, show that we managed a 45.2% recycling rate, up from 44.6% in 2015. So we’re almost there.
We must make sure to find a way to engage our children in recycling and the one benefit to teaching our kids how to recycle is that we can always remind them of the Three R’s. 

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Before Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Recycling is great for the environment, as it enables less rubbish to find its way to landfills throughout the country, Even recycling uses valuable resources and energy. We should encourage our kids to try and use all recyclable products until the end of its life span. 

Making sure that we don’t generate unwanted waste products we should also look at how we purchase products, so we don't create a larger amount of products that would need to be recycled.  

Now we will get into why you are here by showing you valuable ways to teach your children the benefits of recycling. 

Teaching Recycling 

We are aware that some of these techniques may take up valuable time within the busy schedules of family life, but we feel that giving you the opportunity to teach your kids is essential to give them the tools they need. 

Teaching our Kids that “Their eyes are bigger than their belly” is a great way to eliminate food waste in your household, this can be simple, there are many many sayings that can help reduce not only food waste but also reduce the use of single use plastics. The main reason we want to eliminate the usage of single use plastic is because it all ends up in Landfills throughout Ireland, We at Kollect also avoid landfill at all cost to enable a more sustainable environment. 

Teaching your Kids “games” to promote recycling, Playing zero waste games can help make recycling a bit more hands on. Use egg cartons to grow cress and herbs. Car boot sales and charity shops are great ways of disposing of pre-loved toys and clothes.

Explain to your kids that it’s not rubbish – it’s stuff on a journey.

Children will always respond to audio and visual aids, allowing the kids to look up safe recycling and “How to Recycle” on youtube they will find hundreds upon thousands of videos that will give the fun and exciting ways to recycle their unwanted items, by doing this as a parent you can manage their screen time and enable a healthy growth of the children's habits for feeling good through recycling. 


Recycling is essential for us to secure the health of the planet and with us teaching our Kids how to recycle will give them the passion to use this new habit for good and hopefully pass that on to their children. We just want to make sure that we have a valuable process for our children to follow that will allow them to create their own stamp on the world but we also want them to have a world to make their mark on.