Wheelie bin collection - done right

Wheelie bin collection - done right

Tired of having to wait for your wheelie bins to be collected? Tired of missing bin day because of the stringent schedules waste collectors make you follow? Here at Kollect we don't believe in schedules or contracts, we believe you shouldn't have to pay a fixed rate for your wheelie bin collection when you might not have as much waste as a larger household. We are putting the power back into the customers hands with Kollect. You take control, you decide bin day!

Book your wheelie bin collection seamlessly online

Booking your wheelie bin for collection is simple, log onto our website, enter your full address and select what type of wheelie bin you would like to have collected. The website is very intutitive and this process can be complete in under 60 seconds. Our website features account management, email and text reminders, a complete transaction history and secure payments affording customer peace of mind. By booking through our online service you save yourself time and hassle along with getting a great value bin collection service, tailored to your needs.

Professional and Licenced Wheelie Bin Collection

When you order your wheelie bin collection through our website it will be collected by a licensed waste collectors who are contracted on your behalf by us. These waste collectors will pick up your wheelie bins with the utmost professionalism and care. We are working with a number of contractors to make sure that all collection routes are covered, and so you can have your bin picked up as soon as possible. We're constantly adding more waste contractors to increase areas we operate in and reduce the time you have to wait. Once your wheelie bins are collected your waste will be disposed of following according to proper guidelines and protocols.

Switch to Kollect

Switch to Kollect and save yourself money and stress ,ditch your expensive bin contracts, and take back control! Stop doing what your told, and only pay when you want your bins collected, switching couldn't be easier, so what are you waiting for?

For more information call (01)6859020 and talk to our switching team.