Why We Removed Coffee Cups from the Office

Why We Removed Coffee Cups from the Office

Frankly, we drink a ridiculous amount of coffee. 

When we set ourselves the challenge of becoming Champions of the Earth*, we knew that the first thing that had to go were the coffee cups. Just one look into our recycling bin revealed two things:

  1. We have to think seriously about how much coffee we drink and why.
  2. Disposable coffee cups are just terrible for the environment.

Firstly, just because the cups are mostly made from paper, people think they’re doing okay because they can be recycled right? Sadly, that’s not the case. Most of these cups are lined with plastic polyethylene which is fused to the paper to make the cups waterproof but also extremely difficult to recycle - even for recycling kings like us!

The fact that the cups are contaminated by whatever fancy coffees were inside, also means that they’ll be difficult to recycle and as we’ve told you many times before in our recycling guides, they can’t be put into the recycling bin with the dry cardboards and plastics.

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Up to 200 million single use cups are thrown away in Ireland every year and when you consider that only about 1% of them are ever actually recycled you’ll see why things need to change.

We committed to reducing our carbon footprint this year, and are planting thousands of trees to offset our carbon emissions. It doesn’t make sense then that we’d support the senseless felling of trees like these, just to make a couple of coffee cups that will only be used once!

We all have our own mugs and cups now, and we recommend that you all get them too. Most cafes even give you a discount on the coffee when you bring your own cup!

*We are changing every little thing about the way we work so we can be more environmentally responsible, and ultimately, Champions of Mother Earth! 

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