Property Management

We can offer convenient and fast pick-ups for the removal of junk and scrap items left by your waste bin. When a tenant skips and leaves you with a mess to clean up, let us do all the hard work to get your property rent ready once again! Don’t spend your days dealing with a tenants mess, leave that to us!

Property Management Refuse Disposal

Whether you own one or 100 properties, from residential to commercial sites, keeping your building clean and maintained is important. Within the Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford Areas, we can offer convenient and fast pick-ups for waste disposal in your community. When a tenant skips and leaves you with a mess to clean up, let us do all the hard work to get your suite as good as new and ready to rent! We know how important it is to remove items dumped on the exterior of your building. From other tenants adding to the pile, or risking people bringing the items back into the building, speedy service is a must. Let one of our many crews throughout the country respond quickly and professionally to your removal needs. Just give us a call, providing a description of the items and we can dispatch a team asap. Don’t let those items sit outside any longer than they have to. Just call Kollect to make them disappear! Protect Your Buildings From Pests Spreading! Pests aren’t picky about where they live, but we are! If you see bugs or pests, it is crucial to deal with them promptly to prevent further contamination throughout your building. Junk 4 Good’s staff are trained to follow strict protocol while containing and removing infested items. Make sure when you are hiring a company to remove the contaminated items, that they have strict policies and procedures to keep your buildings protected. At Junk 4 Good, your satisfaction is our first concern. Get the job done right and protect your building and tenants.

Don’t hire the “other guys” who may spread the pest further throughout your building, only costing you more money in the long term! Do it right the first time and contact us for our commercial pricing! Call 051-364495 / 021-2428873 today.