Junk Removal Size Guide


At Kollect, we aim to create simple ways to have all waste collected and recycled globally. Our most popular service is our man with a van rubbish removals.

It's faster and cheaper than hiring a traditional metal skip, and we'll do all the hard work. We price based on the size of a standard box truck, as this is what we'll send to your location. Don't worry if you book a size too big. This service is entirely flexible. If there is more or less rubbish when our crew arrives, they can adjust the price accordingly or work to a budget.

To help you choose, we have put together this junk removal size guide. With this guide, you will have a much better idea of what size truck is best for your project, whether it's a house clearance, an office clear out or a commercial job.

Truck Sizes

1/8 Truck

Need to get rid of a large piece of furniture or appliance? Maybe you've got a bunch of small but bulky items? Our 1/8 truck service is excellent for anything you need to get rid of quickly.

Equivalent to: 3 yard skip or 30 bin bags

1/4 Truck

Equivalent to: 6 yard skip or 60 bin bags

Got a small room you need to clear out? Been putting it off for ages? Our 1/4 truck is our most popular service because it's the ideal solution for any in-between jobs you want to tackle.

1/2 Truck

Can't fit any of your old bulky items into your car? Our 1/2 truck service is perfect. It gives you the flexibility to smarten up a few rooms, your garage, attic, garden, or shed.

Equivalent to: 11 yard skip or 110 bin bags

3/4 Truck

Equivalent to: 16 yard skip or 160 bin bags

Need to do some serious tidying up of your home, rental property or office? Our 3/4 truck service can fit a huge amount of stuff. If you're planning on a big clear-out, this is the service for you.

Full Truck

Planning a massive renovation or big clearance project? Our full truck service is ideal. Where access is tight or there is no space for a skip our crew can get rid of your rubbish quickly and easily.

Equivalent to: 22 yard skip or 220 bin bags

We can remove and dispose of any non-hazardous bulky waste.

Common examples include:

  • Furniture: sofas, sofa-beds, mattresses, armchairs, cupboard, filing cabinets.
  • Cellar, Loft & Garage: boxes, books, kitchenware, tools, clothes, fireplaces, lawnmowers
  • Wood – fencing, firewood, lumber, plywood, sheds, gates
  • Roofing/Flooring: tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, flooring
  • Appliances: washer dryers, computer, stereos, printers, flat-screen TVs and monitors, fridges, freezers (but not commercial fridges/chiller cabinets)
  • Construction/Demolition/DIY Waste: plaster, drywall, broken patio, pallets, crates, glass, concrete
  • Garden: branches, grass, leaves, soil, dirt, sod, compost, turf

If you're unsure about what to book, our friendly sales team can help you pick the perfect solution for your job. They'll contact you anyway once you make a booking to arrange a suitable time for our crew to visit your location.