Kollect’s Carbon Mission

Kollect’s Carbon Mission

After topping off a busy 2019 by floating on the Swedish Stock Exchange, we have outlined a very important 2020 vision – to go completely carbon neutral. Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer Robbie Skuse explains our plans:

“Over the past year, we attempted to improve our recycling responsibilities by educating our customers about responsible bin usage and also by recycling over 80% of the junk and waste that we collect,” Robbie said. “For 2020, we have set our sights firmly on the issue of carbon emissions and their impact on our environment, and our Earth.”

Kollect have signed up with Irish Company Go Carbon Neutral who will measure the amount of carbon emissions that Kollect are responsible for, and offset them by planting trees in forests throughout Ireland.

“We reverted to reusable coffee cups in the office, and increased our companywide recycling output by over 200%, but wanted to do more,” Robbie said. “Go Carbon Neutral rate our carbon output and we purchase offset credits so that for every amount of carbon that we’re currently releasing into the environment, they will plant trees that will offset it with oxygen. It’s just our next step to becoming industry leaders in sustainability and championing our environment, which is our top priority for 2020 and beyond.”

To find out how we plan to become more environmentally friendly, visit our website.