What we do at Kollect

What we do at Kollect

The Kollect objective has always been very simple - to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get rid of their waste.

Until Kollect arrived, if a domestic or commercial customer wanted to get rid of waste, they would have to make a lot of phone calls or visit a lot of different websites to do so. There was no one-stop-shop for waste collection. You had to go one place for a skip, and somewhere else entirely if you only had one or two items to dispose of. Often times, people would need to get more than one contractor to deal with their waste problem.

And then Kollect arrived and everything changed.

Kollect is similar to companies like Uber and Just Eat in that we connect customers with the service that best matches their needs. So, with Just Eat, if you want a pizza, you’ll visit Just Eat’s online platform and order your pizza. Just Eat connects with the supplier and your pizza is delivered in no time. It’s as easy as…pie!

Kollect’s online platform also connects customers - both domestic and commercial - to the service they need. If it’s a skip they require, or a skip bag, or a team of junk removers, our dedicated customer service team will provide an upfront price and then connect the customer with a third party service provider. There’s no middle men. Kollect maintains constant communication with the
customer from the time of booking, right up until the job is complete. Our one stop shop for waste collection handles the booking, the service and the invoicing. It’s the most efficient way there has ever been to manage waste collection.