Looking After Our Mental Health

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

Looking After Our Mental Health

Looking After Our Mental Health

Looking After Our Mental Health

As we are all aware of the intense stress that the past year has had on everyone in their own unique way. We have all fallen victim to the loss of both our social lives and our family lives in the past year, this culture shock has sent shockwaves through our lives. Covid-19 has affected every single one of us and has been hugely impactful on how we have been forced into living our lives. I want to give everyone a way of coping with all the difficult realities of the fragility of their mental health and how our mental health can impact our daily lives.

This isn’t a guide to dealing with mental health because there is no easy guide to dealing with our mental health but this blog is a way of developing and improving how we go through our daily lives in ways that can keep both our physical & mental health in shape. 2020 was a horrible year for everyone and 2021 hasn’t started much better and through these current lockdown extensions but if we are able to provide just one person with a small amount of peace of mind, I will consider this blog a success.

Dealing with Our Current Situation

We have a couple of suggestions on how to deal with the current situation that has been pushed onto our laps. We have devised things we can all do that will help everyone in different ways.

1. The Spring Clean

Throwing yourself into a cleaning project can work in 2 ways that our subconscious will understand that we may not even think of. 1: A clean out of a cluttered area in your home or garden can both open up your mind and give you that feeling of freedom, this allows you to clear your head and free yourself from the shackles of your own cluttered mind. Clearing that problem area gives you that freedom to be creative again. 2: The Terrible spring clean pushes us to mentally prepare ourselves for that long and drawn out battle but once you finish this dreaded task, you can then allow your mind to run free with ideas and creativity. This allows you to get into a headspace that frees you from some of the menial tasks that have been affecting you throughout your time staring at the eyesore.

2. Make time for your hobbies

One of the main reasons that we allow ourselves to get into our own heads is that we do not allow enough time to focus on our own wellbeing. With the current situation that has been evidently causing massive global stress, this extended lockdown is the best time that we will ever have to focus on us. Has there ever been a time where you have lost the run of yourself or maybe had a goal or dream that you have put on hold, this is your chance to allow you to grow or expand yourself.

3. Making a Lifestyle Change

I know that one of the biggest and most impactful problems that has plagued almost everyone throughout this lockdown is the issue of becoming inactive and possible weight gain. This is the time to make that change and get out in front of the summer vibes that are on their way. Developing a healthy lifestyle can not only help you in the short term but can highly impact your long term lifestyle! Their is very creative diets out there that claim to allow people lose One Stone in a week but in reality the best way for us to improve ourselves is to create a brand new lifestyle throughout this lockdown, the easiest way to phrase it is, if the bars & restaurants are closed take advantage of that and stay in cook for yourself or maybe even join a group that would allow the lifestyle change such as Slimming World or even getting involved with Operation Transformation.

Challenging ourselves in times of despair is when we grow and allowing ourselves to fail is what gives us the courage to improve. The goal that you want to achieve is your own and that's where you should get in touch with yourself and set goals that you can achieve. Set yourself month by month and from there you will grow!