The Scourge Of Illegal Dumping

Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

The Scourge Of Illegal Dumping

The Scourge Of Illegal Dumping

The Scourge Of Illegal Dumping.

Every county in Ireland has joined the fight against illegal dumping because there isn’t a corner of our beautiful country that unscrupulous people won’t think twice about dumping their rubbish. If you dump waste in Ireland you need a waste licence and a waste certificate of registration - as you can imagine, the people who dump their rubbish on beaches, in forests, over walls and off cliffs are doing so because they don’t want to pay. Kollect is a licensed waste contractor, which means that every piece of waste that we collect in Ireland is brought to an official waste facility where the rubbish/waste/junk is disposed of legally, and in the majority of cases, sustainably. Doing things right is never the easiest, or the cheapest way, but it’s always the best way.

You only have to have a quick browse of the net to see how bad the problem of illegal dumping is in Ireland. Here are just a few links:

There are literally hundreds of links on the internet, from every county in Ireland, telling the story that needs to be told. Sadly, it’s not the story that’s sinking in.

Last year, Kollect launched a new campaign called #notinourcounty, which aimed to raise awareness of illegal dumping and do as much about it as we could. We knew that it wasn’t going to be our most successful campaign ever but we were determined that it would be our longest. We are never going to stop this campaign.

We started by contacting every local authority in the country and offering to help them in the fight against illegal dumping. Some accepted our help (but on a confidential basis) and others thanked us for our offer and agreed to keep us in mind in the future.

Our trucks have been told to pick up illegal dumping in certain locations when they see it on our travels and in recent weeks we have taken to searching some of the bags to find anything that might identify the owners of the rubbish. Once we find an identifier, that is then passed on to the relevant authorities in that county. This is something that we intend to document further in the coming weeks and months.

We also have plans to put trackers in bags of rubbish that will be picked up by unlicensed waste operators, just to see where it ends up.

Watch this space…

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