Posted by Claire Jennings on 16th Oct 2020

Top Tips For Disposing of Online Packaging

Top Tips For Disposing of Online Packaging

Have you noticed yourself buying a lot more stuff online due to the current situation in the world? Online shopping has increased by over 75% this year, with obvious connotations with the COVID-19 Virus. We here at Kollect have decided to help out by creating a guide on how to recycle various different types of online shopping packaging, this will include paper, cardboard, Bubble wrap and much much more. Whether you’re someone who uses a reusable coffee cup, takes a bag for life when you go shopping – or both – we’re all conscious of the need to cut down on single-use plastics and cardboards.

We have certain ways to get rid of your unwanted online shopping packaging through some our our Kollect services and working in partnership with our Sister company BIGbin that has over 15 locations nationwide with designated recycling centers where packaging such as cardboard, paper, padded envelopes and many other types of packaging can be disposed of knowing that you have done so with the environment at heart.

So let's get into this quick how to guide for disposing of your unwanted online packaging..


  • As I have already said, BIGbin is a great service for managing your unwanted online packaging, this service allows you as a user of BIGbin to decide when you get rid as the sites operate for 24 hours, 7 days a week. BIGbin has 15 locations nationwide and has a recycling bin for customers to dispose of their recyclable waste, 2 recycling bags for just the cost of €5, this gives you a great way to get rid of your waste along with being environmentally friendly.
  • Leaving your recyclable cardboard beside your recycling bin during your collection day will allow companies such as Kollect to make sure to recycle around 95% of cardboard recylable waste.


  • Paper is slightly different than cardboard, recyclable paper is a great way to be environmentally friendly but if that's not an option then we will give you a couple of examples of paper that can and can’t be recycled.
  • Brown paper can be recycled at home through putting that into the recyling bin along with brown paper, in the coming months people will be hoping to recycle christmas wrapping paper but unfortunately that is different due to the fact that it has certain types of dyes that are used in the paper.
  • Tissue paper can again be recycled through the use of the recycling bin that would go out on days of collection from your bin provider.

Bubble Wrap

  • If you’re ordering a fragile product, your delivery will usually arrive with bubble wrap to provide extra padding for your item. With bubble wrap many services are available to recycle this type of waste, it can be recycled through the use of the recycle bin from your bin provider
  • Other services that are available can be found at supermarkets or in waste amenity sites throught the country, bubble wrap is an easily recycled material and as such is commonly found throughout packaging provided by online retailers.

We will be creating a guide soon that will be based around how to dispose of all your christmas waste whether that be plastics, papers, or old clothes for a winter clear out. We want to be able to give our readers the ability to find how to recycle almost anything. 

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