How does bin collection work in Ireland?

How does bin collection work in Ireland?

How long has it been since Bin Collection arrived in Ireland?

30 years.

Yep, it was June 1989 when the Toter Bin System, as it was called at the time, was introduced to combat the amount of rubbish that was being scattered around the streets by animals and inclement weather. The amount of waste disposal generated that year was 1.5 million tonnes. Today, an estimated 3 million tonnes of waste is generated in Ireland each year.

As you probably know, we operate a three-bin policy in Ireland - Green, Brown and Grey/Black.

Green “ The Green bin, as we all know, is for recycling “ this includes paper, old newspapers, cardboard, cereal boxes, cans, tins, plastic bottles, orange juice cartons etc. A common misconception “ you do not put glass or pizza boxes in the Green bin!

Brown “ This is where your leftover dinners go (if the dog won't eat them). Cooked and Raw Foods, Kitchen Food Scraps such as Meat, Fish, Poultry and Bones. Basically, if it's food that you no longer want, it goes in the brown bin. No plastic, glass or any kind of packaging should go in your brown bin.

Grey/Black “ This is where your general rubbish goes, empty food packets (anything that has the remnants of your dinner stuck to it), toothpaste tubes, clothes, tin foil. A general rule of thumb here is if can't be recycled due to being dirty, stick it in the black bin.

This is the conventional bin operation in Ireland and in just about every county in Ireland, you will pay a monthly fee for the collection of all three of these bins (over alternating weeks). At Kollect, we offer this package “ ideal for families “ for just €26.40 per month (with the first two months FREE). This will give you the three bins and six collections per month.

The other package we offer is what has made us famous. Pay as you go.

We've always understood that some households generate more waste than others - that's just common sense. A single person or a couple who find themselves filling only half a bin a week will need a better option, and that's where Kollect pay-as-you-go comes in.

When you need your bin collected, you contact us and we'll collect it “ it's that simple. There's no contract, no direct debits and no pressure. It's also easy to book your bin for collection “ online, text or by phone. We promise you “ it really is that easy.

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