Environmentally & Socially Responsible Waste Disposal

Here at Kollect we are always committed to maximising diversion of waste from landfill, reducing carbon footprint per collection and supporting local business.

Ireland's Responsible Waste Experts

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We're Keeping Ireland Green

Our Mission is to deliver the most convenient online platform to educate and enable everyone in Ireland around Recycling and Sustainable Waste Disposal. As dedicated recycling and waste booking experts, we feel it is our duty to educate and enable the public to find out all they need to know on sustainable waste removal.

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Landfill Diversion Policy

  • Our partners bring waste materials to licensed commercial recycling facilities
  • We work with them on prioritising disposal facilities with the highest landfill diversion
  • Each of their daily disposals are logged and receipted
  • Ensuring we have a robust waste audit trail for every collection

Kollect Goes Carbon Neutral

Over the past few years, we attempted to improve our recycling responsibilities by educating our customers about responsible bin usage and also by using partners who maximise the recycling rates of the junk and waste that they collect. For the past few years we have also set our sights firmly on the issue of carbon emissions and their impact on our environment, and our Earth. Kollect have signed up with Irish Company Go Carbon Neutral that will measure the amount of carbon emissions that our partners are responsible for, and offset them by planting trees in forests throughout Ireland. By signing up to the Go Carbon Neutral initiative our rate of carbon output and we purchase offset credits so that for every amount of carbon that we’re currently releasing into the environment, they will plant trees that will offset it with oxygen. It’s just our next step to becoming industry leaders in sustainability and championing our environment, which is our top priority for 2023 and beyond.

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Socially Responsible

  • There are already enough collection vehicles & skip lorries
  • We don’t need to add more trucks to the roads
  • We just have to make existing resources work more efficiently
  • Kollect’s technology helps makes this happe
  • By connecting local operators with capacity to nearby demand
  • Cutting fuel miles per collection & keeping business local.

Proud to Have Built a Comprehensive Free Directory of Waste Centres

As a leader in the waste industry kollect are aware of their responsibility to help in fostering a culture of recycling. With that in mind the Kollect team recently built recyclingcentres.ie and our aim is to make it as straightforward as possible for homeowners to find licenced and sustainable ways to get their waste recycled. At Recycling Centres Ireland, we've built the most comprehensive list of all locations in Ireland for Waste Disposal. Our powerful search engine allows people to easily find waste drop facilities in every County in Ireland, whether it's Recycling centres, WEEE drop off, clothing banks, bottle banks or bulky waste collection. We've also created a huge selection of amazing recycling and waste tips for a plethora of different categories which can help people save time and money on their refuse disposal.

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