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The Company’s Key message is “We Kollect Everything”. For us here, its all about offering our customers the ability to book any waste item for collection and recycling and offering them the widest choice – whatever, whenever and wherever they need waste collected.

Our Story

Our story here at Kollect is we do things differently and while we have made great strides, our journey is just beginning. Kollect operates an online marketplace that connects customers who need to dispose of waste with well known, reliable waste collection companies using our on-demand technology platform. We are similar to Uber, but instead of moving people we move waste.

Our company mission is “to create simple ways to have all waste collected and recycled globally”. Simple means that when a customer thinks of a waste they think of us, place a booking and we fulfill the booking quickly and efficiently. We now oversee 1000’s of bookings each month, making us one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Our goal here in Kollect is to provide you with an excellent customer experience. Unlike traditional waste companies we are contactable 7 days a week, right up until 10pm each night.

Core Values at Kollect

In today's world, operating with a genuine mission is essential to establishing an enduring brand and successful business. Over the last few years, we've made early progress towards our two-part vision, but the opportunity that exists for Kollect in the waste market is huge.

Step one of our company mission, creating “simple ways to have all waste collected and recycled” is accomplished by allowing customers find us easily, get a price and book in a job at a date and time that suits them - the customer is totally in charge of their waste collection needs, in a frictionless transaction.

The second part of our vision was “to always exceed customer expectations”. We have built a company based on a core set of 4 values: Honesty, WOW service, Responsiveness and a Can-do Attitude.

<p>Deliver ‘Wow’ through customer service</p>

Deliver ‘Wow’ through customer service

At Kollect, staff try to do everything with a WOW. The Company will always go over and above for its customers and when it does, it puts these in the WOW channel. The team like to do hundreds of wows each month (this can include free pizza, junk removal, bin collection for a year). Customers don’t expect it and it’s just a small token of the Company’s appreciation. The Company also measures ‘Hot Potatoes’, which is when issues are extremely serious. This happens, for example, if a bin collection is missed twice from a customer.

<p>With a can-do attitude</p>

With a can-do attitude

Everyone has experienced a situation where the person serving you has to refer to somebody else who then has to refer to another person before a decision is made. Kollect doesn’t want that and, therefore, hires employees who buy into the value of customer service and the management can trust to make decisions and look out for the customers’ interests at large. Neither does the Company use scripts; it’s about trusting our team to be themselves and always put the customer first.

<p>Be straight up, always do right by customers</p>

Be straight up, always do right by customers

The Company acknowledges that employees are human, the customers are human—everyone makes mistakes. In Kollect, we always take ownership of mistakes and strives to make it up to the customer in whatever way they can.

<p>Be prompt, always keeping the customer in the loop</p>

Be prompt, always keeping the customer in the loop

Whenever customers make contact with Kollect, they do it for a reason. Whatever it is, the team responds and gets back to the customer promptly right up to 10pm each and every night. The average response time is one minute, something of which we are very proud of.

Customer Services

Customer service shouldn’t be a section of the company, it should be the backbone of all departments. We figured If you can deliver simple services at a fair price and give your customers a positive and authentic experience while you do it, then hey—build it and they will come, as they say. The first step in creating a customer-centric culture is instilling such values in the company’s vision and mission statement. The next step is to engage and empower employees to take it to the next step, which is to please customers beyond expectation.

We shouldn’t be surprised when a business goes out of the way to help us – we should be surprised when they don’t!

Meet the team

By skillfully juggling bins, skips and junk removal we create alternative waste solutions that give people more flexibility than ever. Kollect is a young Irish Start-up and our overall mission was "to create simple ways to collect and recycle waste, innovating customer service and creating consumer delight."

Meet the team

Our Technology

We are using technology to change and improve customer experience for both customers and our waste partners.

Our Technology


We are always committed to maximising diversion of waste from landfill, reducing carbon footprint per collection and supporting local business.


Customer Relations

We are using technology to change and improve customer experience for both customers and our waste partners.

Customer Relations

I can honestly say this is the best bin service provider I have ever used, customer service is second to none and the service is fantastic...

Alison O'Brien

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The Company’s team have always strived to create a business of which they can be proud of.

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