Skip Bag Size Guide

Lets see if we can help you choose the right sized skip bag

We understand that trying to estimate which size skip bag you’ll need can be a bit overwhelming. The risk of ordering a skip bag too small is that you’ll need to hire a second one.

Let's set a baseline first

Say hello to Denis. He's nearly 5.9 and he'll model for us, stand next to each skip bag to help you perceive the size of the skip bags instead of just throwing numbers at you. Sounds good? Let's go…

1/4 Soil & Rubble Bag

Equivalent to 2.5 bin bags. It is perfect for: soil or rubble. Dimensions (m): 0.50 (W) x 0.90 (L) x 0.90 (H). Best used for Small amount of soil or rubble to compliment a Junk removal.

Book 1/4 Soil $ Rubble Bag

1/2 Soil & Rubble Bag

Equivalent to 5 bin bags. It is perfect for: soil or rubble. Dimensions (m): 0.70 (W) x 0.70 (L) x 0.65 (H). Best used for Medium amount of soil or rubble to compliment a Junk removal.

Book 1/2 Soil & Rubble Bag

1 Cubic Bag

Equivalent to 10 bin bags or midi steel skip. It is perfect for: shed clear out. Dimensions (m): 0.89 (W) x 0.89 (L) x 0.85 (H). Although our smallest bag, this skip bag is deceptively large. It can hold about the same as two wheelie bins or ten bin bags—ideal for small garden clearances.

Book 1 Cubic Bag

2 Cubic Bag

Equivalent to 20 bin bags. It is perfect for: small clear outs. Dimensions (m): 1.15 (W) x 1.15 (L) x 1.15 (H). Our most popular skip bag for a reason. It can hold about the same as a Mini Skip or 20 bin bags—ideal for garden clearances and most room clear-outs. Take your time on the job with our skip bags.

Book 2 Cubic Bag

4.5 Cubic Bag

Equivalent to 45 bin bags. It is perfect for: midi steel skip. Dimensions (m): 1.80 (W) x 1.80 (L) x 1.05 (H). Our giant skip bag size is enormous. It can hold about the same as a Midi Skip or up to 45 bin bags—ideal for any big DIY projects or garage and shed clear-outs.

Book 4.5 Cubic Bag

I know what you are thinking…let us answer a few frequently asked questions about skip bags!

Benefits of a Kollect Skip Bag: Suitability: The 5-Star rubbish removal solution, used by thousands, comes in 3 large sizes taking everything from cupboards to concrete. From unwanted kitchens and bathrooms to garden waste, our skip bags take it all.
Positioning & Collection: Put our various skip bags in places you could never get a traditional skip. Fill it in your own time, book online 24/7 and we’ll even pick it up when you are out. We will be gone in minutes with no disruption
No rush: Take your time! Kollect Skip Bags are far more flexible than skips. You have six months to book your collection so don’t worry if a job gets delayed or you just want to take your time. We’ll be there when you need us

Benefits of Skip Hire from Kollect: Suitability: If our skip bags really can’t get rid of all your rubbish then you could always use a traditional skip. Our skips come in a variety of sizes and may be the right option for those truly big jobs such as large scale renovation or construction work
Availability: Book online and we will arrange through our local partners to deliver it to you. If you place a skip on public property you will need to obtain a skip permit from the local authority but we can organise this for you
Collection: Collection of your skip is flexible around you, get in touch if you wish to change your collection date a bit and we will sort it for you

To book skip hire please see here

YES! A skip bag is cheaper than a similar-sized steel skip, so it's a good alternative if you're on a budget and the ideal solution if you want to take your time filling it up. Kollect skip bags start as little as just €50 and if you want to buy just the bag and pay for collection that's no problem either!
With Kollect we give you two options. Option one is buy just the bag and pay the collection later. Option 2 is to pay for the skip bag delivery and skip bag collection together upfront. That way you can contact us when you are ready and you have already paid.
It depends on the size of the skip bag, for example our biggest Skip Bag can hold up to 1.5 tonnes of rubble, brick or soil. However we generally suggest skip hire for anything bigger than that.

Anything else?

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