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Complete Guide to Skip Bags

Complete Guide to Skip Bags

Skip bags are a convenient and lightweight alternative to traditional metal skips for the easy disposal of waste generated by household or garden clearances or simple home renovation or DIY projects.

Skip bags are made from extremely durable, but lightweight plastic and are delivered flat-packed, which means that they can be stored until you are ready to use them.

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When to Use a Skip Bag?

Skip bags are perfect for getting rid of small bits of waste caused by home renovations and clearances, garden tidy-ups and DIY projects. These projects often result in quite a bit of messy, loose waste and/or very heavy waste like bricks, soil or broken tiles.

They are also a great alternative to traditional skip hire if there is very limited access and not enough space to put down a skip. 

When Not to Use a Skip Bag?

Although great for small jobs, skip bags are usually not a good choice if you have enough waste to fill a skip. In which case, hiring a skip is normally much more economical.

Equally, skip bags are not the rubbish disposal service to go for if you need labour. With a skip bag, you have to do all the loading yourself. Whereas with our man with a van junk removal service clearance, all the labour is included in the price.

What can't you put in a Skip Bag?

  • Do not put toxic or hazardous waste into a skip bag.
  • Waste materials that are prohibited include asbestos, chemicals, oils, batteries, fluorescent tubes, paints, solvents, medical waste, gas bottles and fridges.
  • Do not put any liquids into a skip bag.

How Kollect's Skip Bags Work

1. Ordering Your Skip Bag

  • First, select your location and then select your preferred skip bag size.
  • Buy it and you'll receive a confirmation email.
  • Same and next day delivery is available in multiple counties.

2. Filling Your Skip Bag

  • Fold-down the sides when filling, this will make the bag rigid and easier to fill.
  • Press down the contents as you fill the skip bag and pull on the sides to compact it. This will allow you to fit in more.
  • Please DO NOT OVERFILL your skip bag. The contents must not be above the fill lines.

3. Call For Collection

  • For collection simply phone Kollect on (01) 685 9092, and we will arrange a suitable collection date with you.
  • We are contactable 7 days a week by phone or message on or our Facebook page. Our response time is one minute so you won't be waiting around.

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Frequently asked questions about Skip Bag Collection

How far from the road does my bag have to be?

Your bag can be no more than 14ft from a public road in order for our truck to be able to access it.

Can we lift over a wall?

Yes, our hydraulic lifting crane can lift over walls with a height of no more than 4ft. There must be access into the area where the bag is located to allow our driver space to hook the bag onto the crane.

Can we collect from a back/narrow lane?

Ideally, we try not to collect bags from lanes as this can cause access issues for our truck. If you need to position your skip bag down a lane, the lane must be wide enough to facilitate a fire engine.

Can we collect competitor’s bags?

Yes, we can collect competitor’s bags. Please call (01) 685 9092 for a price.

Where does my full skip bag go?

Your full skip bag will be brought to a licensed transfer facility where it will be segregated and sorted, where we guarantee to recycle as much of your waste material as possible.

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