Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

Five rules for hiring a skip

Five rules for hiring a skip

You may think that hiring a skip is as simple as making a phone call, receiving the skip and filling it with whatever you want. Before you hire a skip, take heed of these five rules to make sure that you save money, save hassle and save the environment!

1. Use a licensed skip hire company

There are a lot of rubbish removal companies out there but not all of them are licensed with the appropriate permits from the Environmental Protection Agency. Make sure the person delivering your skip, or collecting your rubbish is legal and above board.

2. Make sure you know what size of skip you will need

Kollect’s award winning customer service team will discuss the type of job you are doing and recommend the right service for the job. You might need a smaller or larger skip, or maybe a junk removal service would be more appropriate. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a skip that’s either too big or too small, as this will lead to more headaches and extra costs.

3. You cannot put everything in a skip

Although a skip is a great option for a clear out, it’s important to remember that not everything can go into a skip. For example, anything flammable or potentially explosive like a gas cylinder, batteries, oil solvents or chemicals. Hazardous Waste – tyres, oils, petrols, paints, or any items that have a hazardous waste symbol on the container or packaging cannot be accepted in a skip.

4. Do not leave a skip outside your property

Once you hire a skip, make sure that it is inside your property and protected by a gate or fence. An open skip can prove too tempting to people who want to dispose of rubbish for free, often in the cover of darkness! Be aware of your skip filling up faster than expected!

5. Other services are available

Sometimes people will think that they need a skip but in actual fact would be better off getting a skip bag or a junk removal service. The best way to save money when it comes to waste and junk removal is to get the service that best suits your needs.