Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

How to Recycle Christmas trees!

How to Recycle Christmas trees!

Chances are, if you have a Christmas tree, you’re either going to pack it up after the holiday (artificial trees) or you’re going to be hurrying to get it out of the house before it sheds any more needles on your nice clean floor (real trees).

Recycle Christmas trees with ease

‘Tis the season to recycle with Kollect, recycles thousands of Christmas trees every year–so let us tell you how and where you can recycle real and artificial trees!

Regardless of the type of tree you’re recycling, be sure to remove all garlands, ornaments, and lights first–they may not all be recyclable or may cause problems for the recycling facility.

How to recycle real trees

There are a few options to dispose of your real tree responsibly:

  • Recycling or composting facilities in most cities will accept Christmas trees for mulching if you are willing and able to drop off the tree yourself.
  • Sometimes organisations run community tree drives as well.
  • See if there’s a local company that will mulch your tree for you to use in the yard (double win!).
  • If you aren’t able to drop off your tree or if you prefer door-to-door service, your favourite local junk removal service (ahem!) would be happy to come by to pick it up and recycle it for you.

How to recycle artificial trees

If you’re getting rid of your plastic or tinsel tree, there are several options for disposing of it properly:

  • In general, artificial trees are difficult to recycle, so try to get as much use out of yours as possible. See if you have friends or family members who would like to take it.
  • If the tree is still in good shape, you can see if there are local charity programs that accept artificial trees for needy families.
  • Consider cutting the branches off the tree to repurpose them into wreaths, garlands, or other decorations.
  • Plastic recycling facilities may take a plastic tree, but you should give them a call first.

We would like to wish all the Kollect customers a very Merry Christmas!