2nd Feb 2023

What is Pressure washing and why is it important to have it done?

Pressure washing, also commonly known as Power washing, is one of the most effective cleaning methods at your disposal, pun intended (we’re a waste company at heart!) There is a small difference between the two, power washing uses heated water whereas pressure washing uses cold water. Essentially, pressure washing involves the use of high pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mould, grime, mud and dirt from a variety of different surfaces.

Now you know what pressure washing is, but why is it important?

Firstly, and possibly the biggest benefit, is that it helps to preserve the value of your property.

Another reason you should regularly pressure wash your property is that it can help to prevent damage due to exposure to the elements both natural and man made.

Regular pressure washing will also maintain the beauty of your property, ensuring it remains aesthetically pleasing.

Another benefit of pressure washing that most people probably do not think about is the positive impact on the health of those living in the property. When dirt, algae, mould, dust and allergen materials accumulate in a property it can cause the occupants to cough and sneeze more often or aggravate a range of allergies. Pressure washing ensures that your home remains clean and a comfortable, healthy environment to live in.

It’s good to remember that you can use pressure washing on your property any time of the year. It is important to make sure your home is clean and protected before the harsh winter weather and colder temperatures set in. It’s equally important to have your home looking great for the summer months!

The final important piece of information you need is how much does Pressure Washing your property cost? Let us break down the pricing structure for you, we always aim to provide great value to our loyal customers, so these are the best prices you will find. For more information on pricing, or to book our pressure washing service click here to go straight to our Pressure Washing booking page.


Price per sq metre under 80 sq/m - €4.39

Price per sq metre over 80 sq/m - €4.05

Price per sq metre for re-sanding - €1.76

Per sq/m for hypo/chemical treatment - €0.88

Minimum call out for very small areas - €162

Set Pricing for Pressure Washing

Small driveway - €216

Medium driveway - €236.25

Large driveway - €310.50

Small patio - €216

Medium patio - €236.25

Large patio - €310.50

House Pressure Washing

1 side - €263.25

2 sides - €526.50

3 sides - €789.75

4 sides - €1,053

So now you know exactly what Pressure Washing is, why it’s important, and how much you should expect to pay! Go check out our Pressure Washing page on our website for more information at https://kollect.ie/other/pressure-washing/