Aine Curtin - Head of Operations

Aine Curtin - Head of Operations

Aine came to Waterford in 2004 from her native Youghal to complete an Honours Degree in Hospitality Management at W.I.T. As so often happens when people come to Waterford, she became enamoured with the city and county and decided that she just couldn't leave.

She met, fell in love and married a Waterford man and she tells us that she now waves the white and blue flag during hurling season, confirming that the transition from Rebel to Deise Girl is well and truly complete!

Aine is our Head of Operations and we wanted to put her on the spot and ask what it was like being a part of a fast growing tech company.

“Very, very busy and exciting, she said. “No two days are ever the same in Kollect and I wouldn't have it any other way. We have grown so much over the last number of years - especially during the last 18 months “ and it's been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of that and seeing how the company is constantly learning, and evolving as we go.

Aine says that one of the fundamental policies of Kollect is to 'never stop learning and never stop improving'.

“Every week we look back and reflect on what went well, or what went wrong the previous week and we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how we can do better going forward, she said. “There's no such thing as 'we can't do it'. Everything is very much 'we can', and 'how can we do it' and 'what do we need to do it'. There's no limitations to what we can achieve and if we were to stop something dead in its tracks by saying 'we can't do it', then we would never progress and the company would never grow to where we know it can be.

The Key to Kollect, as Aine explains, is the customers.

“Our evolution is based on customer feedback, she said. “We always listen to them, and always take what they say on board. I think that's what makes us different from other companies who might hear the customers but not necessarily listen to them. All of our decisions are based on the feedback that we receive. They're the ones who make us what we are and if we don't continue to learn and grow with them, then we'll be stagnant, which is absolutely what we don't want.