COVID-19 Response

Kollect's Response to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, we need to update further safety measures with both our customers and staff welfare in mind.

Here at Kollect we take the wellbeing of our customers and staff very seriously and want to reassure you that we are doing everything within our power to minimise risks.

Our sector is well-versed at keeping its employees safe in respect of workplace hygiene. Still, it is now more critical than ever that frontline recycling and waste workers follow the guidance provided by their respective employers regarding safe waste handling practices.  We just want to put your mind at ease; please note we are taking every precaution to ensure sanitation and provide a contactless collection.

We are closely following government and the World Health Organisation guidance and updating practices wherever possible.

Waste Collection is an essential service as deemed by the Government, meaning all our services will be continuing, with some added precautions.

We are now providing Contactless Collections:

  • Customers will have the junk ready to go or be in an area where social distancing rules will apply
  • We are no longer taking cash from customers, and payments will be made over the phone
  • Please remember to follow the social distancing rules
  • Keep a space of 2 metres (6.5 feet) between you and other people
  • Reduce interactions with people outside the workplace and home
  • Reduce the number of people you meet every day
  • Avoid crowded places
  • DON’T shake hands or make close contact, if possible

Along with these measures, we will also need staff to wear all of the following PPE:

  • Safety boots
  • Hi-Vis
  • Latex gloves
  • Work gloves – Over latex gloves
  • Face masks
  • Overalls
  • Eye protection

We can’t stress how important these guidelines are, we are doing this to protect our customers and our staff/contractors who are on the front line every day, your welfare is paramount to us.

It’s vital that if you feel anyway unsafe, that you let us know so we can suspend operations.

Refuse tips during COVID-19 outbreak

These are tough times for us all, but just like social distancing and self-isolation, there are things you can do with your rubbish that will go some way to curbing the spread of this virus. Here are a couple of safety tips 

*Please dispose of your clothes and personal waste, such as tissues, responsibly. Try and designate one bin for tissues and multi-surface wipes and then double wrap this bin for disposal.

*Use gloves whenever you’re handling your internal bins and your wheelie bins.

*If someone in your house has contracted the virus, these are the waste disposal rules that our Government has passed on to us: All the waste used by a contaminated person, including tissues and masks, must be put in a plastic rubbish bag. Tie the bag when it is about three-quarters full. Place the plastic bag in a second bin bag and tie the bag. Treat all cleaning waste in the same way. Do not put the rubbish bags out for collection for 72 hours.

*Continue to recycle as you always have done. We don’t know how long this pandemic is going to last for and we must continue to recycle and look after our planet. We will beat this soon, and we will be back to normal.

Bin Collection Update

Our bin collection service will be continuing as usual, so there’s no need to worry. Pay as you go bin collection means you control bin day and with government advice to stay home, additional collections can be arranged easily.

Skip Hire Update

Our skip hire services are continuing to be provided with some minor changes, as mentioned above. Decided to declutter while being stuck at home? Skip it - we drop it, you fill it, we collect it. Easy! No contact needed.

Junk Removal Update

We can still remove any junk you want in this challenging time. If you would prefer our team not to enter your premises, you have the option to leave all the junk outside, and we will take it from there. All the crew are wearing protective clothing, including gloves and spraying all door handles after use. If you or any member of your household is in quarantine for COVID-19, please inform us before we visit. 

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone and would like to, therefore, ask for your cooperation to ensure we can offer the necessary support during these difficult times.