Feature on the Team Claire Jennings “ Head of Digital Marketing

Feature on the Team Claire Jennings “ Head of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Team

Claire Jennings is Kollect's Digital Guru (full title: Head of Digital Marketing).

She lives by the seaside in Tramore with her husband Stuart and one-year-old son Travis. Having lived in Dublin for years (for college in UCD) and Australia previously, she tells us that there's “no place like home and has been back in the Deise for the last five years or so.

Claire's role is all-encompassing and includes such internet buzz words as Google adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, the World Wide Web. If it can be accessed online, Claire's all over it.

“With Kollect being an E-commerce platform, it was more important than ever for our customers to trust us, and that's where 'social proof' comes in, Claire explained. “If people see positive reviews for a service online, they are more inclined to trust them. The foundation of any E-commerce platform is whether the consumer trusts the online provider. Credible reviews inspire trust in the consumer and from that we can turn trust into sales

'Social Proof' is essentially business jargon for 'people saying nice things about us online. Social proof also drives discovery and customer acquisition at a much lower cost than other forms that involve moving consumers through the marketing funnel.

Kollect's philosophy from day one has always been good customer service. Every meeting begins and ends with the customer and if you've just started working for them, the first words you're likely to hear are “the customer is everything.

“Good customer service will hopefully be followed by reviews, Claire said. “Let's say, on Facebook, we've got almost 300 reviews with a rating of 4.9/5, and a similar score on 'Google my Business'. These credible views and testimonials inspire trust in potential customers. Social proof - which is essentially proving how good your business is via social media, is the modern, online version of “word of mouth and is essential for a business like ours.

Kollect's strong social proofing is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

“We put our satisfied customers front and centre on our social media platforms, so any new visitors to the website, for example, will be immediately met with 371 (and growing) positive reviews, Claire said. “Genuine reviews and testimonials, from real people, are so important to us because they vindicate the work that every single member of Kollect is doing. Sometimes, when you work for a company that you know is doing good work, you want to shout it from the rooftops. It's nice when your customers do that for you.