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6 cubic yard skip

€280 Medium 6 Yard Skips
Beating all competitors by 15%!!

Our Best Selling Skip this Year. Holds 55-60 Bin Bags or 7 Wheelie Bins. Perfect for: Large Home Clean Ups. Measures appox: 2.5m Long x 1.5m Wide x 1.2m High

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2.5 cubic yard skip

Small Skip (2.5 Yard)

Holds 25-30 Bin Bags or 4 Wheelie Bins. Perfect for: Small DIY Projects. Measures appox: 1.8m Long x 1.2m Wide x 0.91m High

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8 cubic yard skip

Large Skip (8 Yard)

Holds 80-85 Bin Bags or 11 Wheelie Bins.. Perfect for Large-Scale Renovations. Measures appox: 3.3m Long x 1.4m Wide x 1.3m High

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14 cubic yard skip

Extra Large Skip (14 Yard)

Holds up to 140 Bin Bags or 20 Wheelie Bins. An Extra-Large Skip for Very Large Clearouts. Measures approx: 3.13m Long x 1.57m Wide x 2.1m High

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Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Rather not do the heavy lifting? Let Kollect partners come in and get rid of your junk or bulky waste. We get your clear outs done without you having to break a sweat. Input your eircode to see the full range of junk removal prices.

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1 cubic yard skip bag

1 Yard Skip Bag

Holds Equivalent to 10 Bin Bags. Perfect for a Small Shed Clearout. Not suitable for soil or rubble.

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2 cubic yard skip bag

2 Yard Skip Bag

Holds about the same as a Mini-Skip. Equivalent to 20 Bin Bags. Perfect for Small DIY Projects or Garden Clearouts. Not suitable for soil or rubble.

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4.5 cubic yard skip bag

4.5 Yard Skip Bag

Our Enormous Skip Bag holds up to 45 Bin Bags. Ideal for Big DIY Projects or Garage Clearouts. Not suitable for soil or rubble.

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Order a skip Dublin! Our 5 star rated skip hire service is your perfect solution for efficient and fast rubbish removal with every skip size there is. Small, medium or large we have a skip solution for your project. Our cheap skip hire prices are so competitive because Kollect works closely with suppliers to ensure the most efficient skip pick-ups and deliveries in Dublin, less time wasted means more money saved for everyone. Having the cheapest skip hire service in Dublin doesn't mean you won't get 5 star treatment from our skip hire partners. On the contrary 5 star customer ratings come from 5 star customer service. When you order a skip online to be sent to your home in Dublin, you can be rest assured that Kollect has already vetted the skip supplier and optimised your location, delivery and price automatically for you. Using top rated skip hire companies in Dublin means you will be given the right advice when you need it most and you can always come back to us if you have a problem. No need to price hunt skip hire quotes from many suppliers. Kollect will get you the best priced skip hire company near you guaranteed.

Why use Kollect?

Skip Couch

We kollect anything

No matter what your waste is, we can help you. We have a solution for all your waste needs.

Skip Tree

We are sustainable

We recognise our responsibility to create a more circular economy, diverting waste from landfill.

Skip Van

Largest network of waste providers

Our skip booking platform has the largest range of suppliers in Ireland, so no job is too big or small.

<h2>Compare Skip Services & Get the Cheapest Quote</h2> Springtime clean, attic clearout, garden makeover and extraction, X-mas junk? Get our Dublin crew to handle it for you with a <a title="Junk Removal in Dublin" href="https://kollect.ie/junk/dublin/">Junk Removal</a> or get a <a title="Skip Bag Waste Collection in Dublin" href="https://kollect.ie/bag/dublin/">Skip Bag</a> or order a full <a title="Skip Rental in Dublin" href="https://kollect.ie/skip/dublin/">Skip</a> and fill the skip at your convenience. In any case, our service providers have got the solution. Select from some of the cheapest skip and waste removal services in Dublin. Simply follow our easy online booking process.

How we collect your waste

Junk Removal

Junk Removal

From €75 inc VAT

A two-person crew does all the heavy lifting and carrying, just point to what you want us to take. Our most popular service.

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Skip Containers

Skip Hire

From €139 inc VAT

We have a skip delivered to you. You fill it. We have it taken away. Skips vary in size depending on what you want to get rid of.

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Skip Bags

Skip Bag

From €90 inc VAT

Smaller than a skip. We post the skip bag to you. You fill it. Once you’re ready, we’ll come and take it away.

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The best value skips in Ireland, with a money-back guarantee! We’ll handle everything in the background. Go, put that time toward the things you enjoy doing the most! Skips are ideal for disposing of non-toxic household, garden, and construction waste. Simply make a reservation for a pickup when you are ready, and we will take care of the rest.
No, we do not require your presence for the delivery. Before your skip is delivered, please let our team know if there are any special instructions for where you want us to place it. Additionally, please ensure that the skip can be removed on the day of collection by the lorry driver.
How much it costs to rent a skip depends on where you live and how big a skip you need. Please use our waste calculator if you're not sure what to choose. It will help you figure out which options are best for you. If you want to know how much it costs to rent a skip in Dublin, our customer service will be happy to help you find the cheapest skip rental service in Dublin that is close to you.
You have a five-day hire period for the skip. If it goes on for any longer than this, additional fees will be incurred. Call the office so we can adjust your collection date if you decide later that you need the skip for a longer period of time.
The cost of the skip includes the delivery, collection, and disposal of your waste. Why not give our man with a van junk removal service a try if you want a different option. The price is less than skip hire, and we handle all the labor-intensive tasks so you don’t have to.
The labour to load the skips is not something that we offer. If you require assistance loading your skip, you might find it more convenient to rental our man with a van junk removal service instead. It is less expensive than hiring a skip, and we will handle all of the loading for you. Please visit this page for further information.
You are only allowed to fill your skip to the height of its sides. The delivery driver of the skip may refuse to collect it if it is piled higher than the sides. This is because driving with an overloaded skip is dangerous. If a skip is overloaded, there is a chance that additional fees will be assessed, or the contents may be required to be removed.
Skips are made for disposing of non-hazardous waste, not specialty materials. You need specialised permits and skip containers if you need to dispose of hazardous waste. You cannot mix hazardous waste with non-hazardous waste; this is against the law.

The principal prohibited items are:

  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Fridges / freezers
  • Liquids
  • Explosives
  • Other dangerous chemicals
Skips are frequently required needed to get rid of accumulated rubbish, unwanted fixtures, or outdated stock. Customers in construction and demolition waste, building, renovation, or building supplies can be delivered or removed in a skip. Skips are also used for large-scale cleanups or where non-hazardous waste is accumulated such as factories, shopping centres, educational institutions or events fixtures. The removal of non-hazardous waste, such as construction debris, household products, and green waste, is accomplished through the use of skips.
Trucks known as "skip trucks" transport waste containers to Dublin. Make sure there's enough space for the skip lorry to gain entry the delivery location. If the access via street or gate is limited, please check with us ahead of time to ensure that the lorry's dimensions will fit.
We will pick up your skip in Dublin when you tell us to. You can tell us when to pick up the skip when you book it, or you can tell us when it’s full. Collections are typically made within 5 days of drop off. Kollect’s team will assist you in finding a skip in Dublin.
  1. You Book : Choose your location and the skip size required for your job to order a skip.. If you’re unsure, our friendly sales team can help advise on a size.
  2. We Deliver : We’ll set up skip delivery on the day you specify. Our fully-insured truck will deliver and remove your skip with absolute care.
  3. We Collect : When you direct us to collect it, we remove your skip. When making your reservation, you have the option of including a collection date or calling us once the skip is full.
  1. Check the experience, ratings and reviews
  2. Look up the available skip sizes
  3. Weigh up cost and value for money
  4. Think about the kind of skip hire contract that is needed
  5. Verify that the business has a licence and is in compliance with all local laws.
Kollect partners with cutting-edge recycling facilities in Dublin. Walking floors, dustbin lorries, council vehicles, skip trucks, and other vehicles are used to dump waste at the material recycling facilities. The different materials contained in the waste are then extracted through a series of processing stages.
If you order a skip that is too small, you run the risk of having to hire another skip. You’ll end up paying more than necessary for skip removal if you order one that is too large. To help, we have put together this skip sizes guide so you have a much better idea as to what kind of skip you’ll need for your project, whether it’s a house clearance, an office clear out or a commercial job.

2.5 Yard Skip Hire

We offer the 2.5 yard skip, also known as the Mini Skip, which is the smallest skip in our selection for very small tasks. This skip is appropriate for DIY projects, household clean-ups, office clearances, and gardening. Up to 25 bin bags’ worth of material can fit in the Min i Skip.

4 Yard Skip Hire

This skip size is most useful for kitchen and bathroom refits as well as being convenient for garden cleanups in Dublin. Because it’s small, portable, and can hold the equivalent of up to 35 bin bags, we suggest the 4 yard skip, also known as the Midi Skip, for all those between-jobs requirements.

6 Yard Skip Hire

This is our most popular skip, and you’ll see it in most driveways. They are small enough that they can be placed in most places, but large enough to handle a sizable amount of waste. It can accommodate as many as 70 rubbish bags.

8 Yard Skip Hire

The 8 yard skip that we provide is one of our most sought after skips for construction projects. It works exceptionally well for very large garden landscaping projects as well as complete property clearance projects for residential homes. This skip can accommodate up to 100 rubbish bags.

12 Yard Skip Hire

The 12 yard, or “Big Daddy” of the skip family, is available for bigger projects that will generate a significant amount of waste. These skips have enough room for a variety of tasks, from industrial waste to commercial waste. It can accommodate up to 120 bin bags.

14 Yard Skip Hire

These extra-large skips offer enough room for a variety of tasks, from commercial waste to industrial waste. It can accommodate as many as 150 rubbish bags.
To make decluttering even simpler than before, skip bags have recently been added to our selection of skip hire services in Dublin. This convenient bag opens into a 2 cubic yard bag and is suitable for very small garden, household clearances and D.I.Y projects. 20 rubbish bags can fit inside.

Don’t take our word for it.

Skip Hire Size Guide

  • 2.5 Yard Skip
    From €159
    Our smallest skip primarily used for small clearouts, and small DIY jobs
    6ft L x 4ft W x 3ft H - Up to 25 bin bags or 8 wheelie bins
  • 4 Yard Skip
    From €225
    Kitchen and bathroom refits, garden cleanups and smaller house clearouts
    7ft L x 5ft W x 3ft H - Up to 40 bin bags or 10 wheelie bins
  • 6 Yard Skip
    From €330
    Larger clearouts, great all rounder - this size is most popular with our customers
    10ft L x 5ft W x 4ft H - Up to 60 bin bags or 12 wheelie bins
  • 8 Yard Skip
    From €390
    Larger scale projects such as renovations and large scale decluttering
    12ft L x 6.5ft W x 6.5ft H - Up to 80 bin bags or 16 wheelie bins
  • 12 Yard Skip
    From €414
    Jobs that will produce a considerable amount of waste - the 'Big Daddy' skip
    13ft L x 6.5ft W x 6.5ft H - Up to 120 bin bags or 24 wheelie bins

Dublin Skip Hire And The Surrounding Townlands of Dublin

A small capital with a huge reputation and a cosmopolitan outlook, Dublin has some one-fourth of the residents of the Republic of Ireland living in the Greater Dublin urban area, and Kollect provides an extensive range of waste service at very competitive rates. Whether you are living in Dublin city centre or the surrounding areas we have you covered, we have all skip sizes to suit every waste need. If you are living in an apartment or a house with no parking facility we can offer our man with a van junk removal service may be a useful alternative to hiring a skip in Dublin.

What skip size should I pick?

  • We have every skip size to suit any clear-out, starting with our baby skip also known as the 2.5 yard skip. This skip is suitable for very small gardens, household clearances and D.I.Y projects. We estimate it holds the equivalent of up to 25 bin bags.
  • Our most popular skip is the 6 yard skip and it is one of the most common skips you will see outside most Dublin driveways. It is perfect for a middle of the road clear out such as a full room clear-out, garage clear-out or a small bathroom renovation. It is also compact enough to fit in most driveways.
  • For bigger clear-outs we suggest booking a 12 yard skip, or the “Big Daddy” of the skip family. It holds the equivalent of up to 120 bin bags.

How much is a skip in Dublin?

With prices starting from just €149, our skip hire prices in Dublin are very competitive as we use a wide range of partners to get you the best price, think of us like booking.com or skyscanner where our job is to ensure you get the best possible service at the best possible price in Dublin. Not only that but we offer a skip hire money back guarantee unlike our competitors so you can be rest assured you are in the best possible hands when it comes to waste removal. We only use trusted, vetted and licensed skip hire partners in Dublin where waste is recycled and avoids landfill.

For large amounts of commercial, garden, and household waste, our selection of skip bags, skip delivery, and man in van junk removal services are ideal and very often work out a lot cheaper for customers.

Dubliners that require further assistance in booking their skips online can simply request a call from one of our Dublin based specialists who will help you the ideal solution for wherever you are in Dublin.

Kollect is a young Irish startup that is set on making a big difference in the waste removal industry and a wide range of property services based in Dublin. You can read a lot about us online but in summary we find cheap, reliable skips and skip services for customers across Ireland. The idea is to create friendly, seamless customer journey to our partner waste removal companies in Dublin, then to optimise and expertly handle all ends of customer service. Everyone benefits, not only customers recieving cheaper skip prices but also with the expert selection of the right skip services for your needs means that you wont accidentally pay too much for skip hire in Dublin.

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