Posted by Claire Jennings on 2nd Feb 2023

Four reasons why skip hire in Dublin is a terrible idea

Four reasons why skip hire in Dublin is a terrible idea

So, you’ve finally decided to do that job that you’ve been putting off. You’ve allocated the time, you’ve assigned the workers and bought the tools - all you need to do now is hire a skip.

If you’re looking for skip hire in Dublin, you should consider these four factors before you ring anyone.

1. Are you sure skip hire is really what you need?

Skips are a very handy way of clearing out all the rubbish from your house, office or garden. They come in a number of different sizes and you don’t have to worry about filling bags and making costly, and time consuming trips to the dump. However, what if you live in an apartment or somewhere with no driveway? If you need to do a clearance, but you have nowhere to put a skip, you should consider junk removal. It’s an astonishingly handy service that has been revolutionised in recent years by Kollect, the waste experts. You select the area of your house or business that needs clearing, such as a shed clear-out, an office-clear out, a garden clear out or maybe just cleaning out one of your bedrooms. The Kollect Junk Experts will arrive, clean up all the waste/junk and bring it away in your truck so you never have to worry about it again. Easy eh!

2. Hard to get a skip in 2022.

Have you tried to book a skip in the last few years? Since covid, it’s become very difficult to firstly, find an available skip, and secondly find a reliable and efficient service to provide one. Kollect are a reputable brand across Ireland and the UK with consistent five star reviews across Google, Trust Pilot and Facebook and because we have skip partners all over the country, you are guaranteed to get what you want.

3. Your neighbours like skips as well!

They just don’t like paying for them! When you get a skip and you live in a relatively built up area, prepare for that skip to double in size overnight. It’s a frustrating experience when you start your job, take a break for the night, and wake up to twice the rubbish you had put in the skip in the first place! People just can’t resist an open skip, which is why you should consider skip bags or junk removal as an alternative to hiring a skip in Dublin.

4. Too confusing!

Life is all about convenience these days. If you want to order food you can use your phone and choose from a number of restaurants at the click of a button. The same is true of a taxi and now the same is also true of junk removal and skip hire. With Kollect, you just give us a description of the job and we will recommend and provide the best service for you. Waste removal is now just as easy as ordering a pizza!