John Hegarty - Kollect's Skip King

John Hegarty - Kollect's Skip King

John Hegarty (Kollect's COO) on Skip Operations

“We received a call from an insurance company who was having a bit of a disaster with a flooded hotel…”

Chief Operations Officer at Kollect, John Hegarty, explains why more and more domestic, and in particular commercial customers, are choosing Kollect to handle their skip needs.

“This company rang us in a bit of a panic,” John explained. “They had a flood in a hotel, everything was ruined, and they couldn’t find a skip for love nor money. We were able to get our Junk team out to them in a hurry, they got everything cleared up and the cleanup operation to start sooner than expected. They told us that they had never seen anything like the service we gave them, and thankfully, was on the phone to their UK office immediately to tell them to start using us over there.”

John oversees the skip operations at Kollect and with the domestic business firmly established, he has started focusing on commercial.

“The commercial contracts are coming in thick and fast,” he said. “For example, there are builders, with multiple sites throughout Ireland, with Procurement Officers and Quantity Surveyors who don’t want to deal with multiple suppliers, invoices and all the other odds and ends that go with the traditional ordering of skips. They want to be able to ring one supplier who will manage everything for them, and that’s exactly what Kollect does.”

More and more small, medium and large companies are booking Kollect’s skips weeks and months in advance.

“Just today, a company scheduled skips with us for the whole year,” John said. “They’re booked into the system and won’t have to worry about it now, it’s done. The skips will arrive and they can concentrate on what they do best. As I look at the schedule now, we already have close to 1000 skips scheduled for 2020 so far.”

Asked for the top three reasons why Kollect’s Skip Operation is growing so fast, John didn’t hesitate.

“Convenience is a huge thing, centralised billing is popular and what we are finding more and more - and which the insurance company highlighted recently - the support of Kollect’s other waste management services, particularly the junk service,” John explained. “At short notice, there were no skips available anywhere, so our amazing junk team came to the rescue. It’s that guarantee that with Kollect, we will take that extra step to make sure the job is done and done right.”

What Size Skip Should I Get?

Sometimes, trying to estimate which size skip you'll need is one of the trickiest parts of hiring a skip

To help, we have put together this skip sizes guide.

Now you'll have a much better idea as to what kind of skip you'll need for your project, whether it's a house or office clearance, or a commercial job.

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